What is the world’s smallest Program in C Programming

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Hey Coder, Programmer

If you are interested in Programming languages like C, C++, Python, Kotlin, Java etc..

Then you definitely know about this simplest small program which is used as a basic one in C programming.

First you should know about why we learnt programming. Here i mentioned below the smallest basic C programming in a term of Programming Language #C

world’s smallest c program

Smallest C Program :

Int main()


Printf(“Welcome to my blog”);


Now I explain the small program. According to C Programming there is only one main is there.

For example you may know very well about shopping mall. The Shopping mall consist of 1 Entry way and 1 Exit way likewise,

Every C program must have only one main either it is a small program or big program. If you are beginner in C programming then you must aware about this

Second most important thing is SEMICOLON. The semicolon will terminate the line statement.

Lets take a clear overview of programm

  • Only 1 Main
  • Terminate with Semicolon
  • Standard input output ( STDIO.H)
  • # Preprocessor

The another major thing in programming is stdio.h The stdio.h is nothing but a standard input and output it must include in the first line of the program.

After that only initiate with main statement.

The important parameters which is used in C programming are # ( hashtag)

It is called as pre-processor statement.That is used to get the standard input and output. It is pre defined some values or data to the program

Not only computer engineers code the c language . everyone can learn coding. The coding will acheived only through laptop or computer.

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