Indian Diet Plan For Healthy Weight Loss

Weight Loss tips: Weight loss is one of the most popular mantra for people in 21st Century. Almost 80% of Indian population is dealing with weight issues, problems like anxiety, loss of confidence, eating disorder are one of the impact of weight gain. So, here is a Indian diet plan for a healthy weight loss. The idea behind this diet is to have protein rich food with proper quantifying the food.


Breakfast is first meal of the day and therefore it should be eaten like a king. So, there are multiple options for breakfast but to have something on regular basis you can have 2 brown bread with 2 cheese slice , 150ml-200ml of milk and 5-15 grams of almond. Brown Bread can be replaced with oats(35-50 grams), upma, dosa, idli(2 pieces). Make sure to have milk without sugar. If you are lactose intolerant then it can be replaced with black coffee or black tea. This breakfast alone will give you 20grams of protein thus giving you a good kickstart for the day.


Mid-Morning Snack

Before Lunch if the hunger strikes again, have any seasonal fruits, sprouts salad or a fruit salad. Quantify them to have it in a normal bowl of 200 grams.



As the day advance, the quantity of the meal shall be reduced. So for lunch you can have 2 chapati/paratha with ghee ,any protein rich sabji (Paneer, Chole, Rajma, Chana, Soybean). If you are a non-vegetarian then Chicken Breast , Egg Curry , Fish can also be added. Do not forget to have lots of fresh green salad and a bowl of curd with lunch everyday. This type of lunch is very filling and high in protein.


Evening Snack

For Evening Snack , multiple options can be tried which tasty, filling and low in calories as well. The most everyday thing that can be eaten for a evening snack is any seasonal fruit. Other options are murmura chat, sprout chat, makhana chat, fruit salad, roasted chana with some tea without sugar.(or a black tea/coffee).



Dinner being the last meal of the day should be kept light and filling. If a time to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner is set then try to have the dinner by 7pm this helps to boost the weight loss process. Since the dinner should be light and filling you can have moong dal khichdi with a teaspoon of ghee, vegetable soup, rice and dal with lots of salad or chicken/egg/fish with rice.


With Everyday Exercise of 30min to 1 hour along with this high protein diet plan you can lose weight in a healthy way without keeping yourself to starve.


Points to Remember –

  • Stop Sugar for at least a month completely , from second month sugar can be taken in reduced quantity or switch to sugar substitute.
  • Avoid Junk Food for 1-2 months, after that always control the quantity of junk food or try making it at home.
  • Make your own food , have everything hot and healthy everyday.

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