Vivo With New Concept: Drone Camera Phone

 Vivo With New Concept: Drone Camera Phone
Drone camera phone

BBK customer innovation brand Vivo apparently has a patent document for a cell phone that will house a flying camera. Vivo\’s proposal in the report is a major OEM which plans to house a drone in the actual handset. The emblem can release a tool with a removable digital digicam module that could fly like a drone.

According to the let\’s go digital report the Chinese tech giant filed for the patent with WIPO last year which got published on the 1st of July 2021.


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Features Of The Drone Camera Phone


Given the patent image for the smartphone, it seems to have the same design as the modern smartphone. Despite the fact that its most notable component is once the different flight camera is free from gadgets. In other words, when you put on a headset to talk, you rarely use a flying camera about this different module is not a peripheral different, flying camera game 4 propellers that enable it to fly. It also has a battery pack separate from the main body and has two camera sensors on its body.

Another interesting aspect about this flying camera is to include two infrared sensors on different sides of the module. These senses can serve many different functions but its primary purpose is to make small drones collide with other objects when flying means that this flying camera can feature automatic follow-up mode where it follows the user. And flies could automatically support its wind gestures too but the patent filing does not show any finer detail about this.

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