Unknown People and Incidents with Ambiguous Identities

People come and go; however, history never forgets. There are only a few people whose identity has been a mystery yet famous. Even though we live in a technology-ridden world, some unknown people or incidents become popular and escape them the legends around them never get older.

  • A mystery hijacker – D.B Cooper

Dan Cooper hijacked a Boeing 727 in US airspace between Portland and Seattle on November 24, 1972. This famous unknown person who used cash to purchase a one-way ticket handed a note to the flight attendant in which he told her to look into the letter saying he has a bomb. He demanded $200,000 and four manual parachutes. After the plane landed, he released all the passengers, they refueled and, Cooper forced the pilots and flight attendants to keep the flying less than 10,000 feet slower than 200 knots. He then parachuted right out of the plane in mid-air. No one has ever found out who Dan Cooper is; it is still an open case.

  • Jack, The Ripper- The name says it all

He is one of the most famous unknown people and earliest serial killers and also one of the most mysterious. In 1888, Jack the Ripper, who terrorized London\’s prostitutes, managed to murder five women, leaving London in a state of shock. The police did a thorough investigation by going door to door and investing suspects. Yet no one came forward as Jack, the ripper, or knowing any about the murder. After two years, the hysteria toned down a lot. Even though the frenzy declined this famous person who is unknown has become a fascination for the crime genre.

  • Tank ManPro-democracy protestor

The photograph is a powerful photo of all time which sends a strong message; this photo was taken in Tiananmen Square in 1989 by Jeff Widener. The Chinese troops attacked pro-democracy demonstrators camped on the plans. This man just came and refused to budge in front of the tank, but for some reason, the tanks held fire. However, he tried to climb on the tanks but, two random people came and dragged him away. He became an emblem of pro-democracy protests and a famous unknown person whose identity is still unknown. However, what happened to him is still speculation.

Zodiac Killer: Killer with no motives

The killer allegedly murdered at least five persons in northern California between 1968 and 1969.

The murders sparked an intense investigation and media coverage, owing to the killer\’s cryptic letters and mysterious phone calls to the police. The ciphered letters finally decoded in 2020, but the rest of the Zodiac case remains a mystery. During the 1990s several investigations claimed to have identified the killer. However, there was a suspect which didn’t pan out. He became a famous unknown person whose case has not been solved to date.

  • Malaysian Flight 370- Mysterious disappearance

Malaysian airlines flight (MH370) became disappeared from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. The Boeing disappeared on March 8th, 2014, with 227 passengers and 12 crew members from the Indian Ocean of Australia to Central Asia. The search for the wreckage was hampered due to the remote location of the crash site. Nonetheless, submarines were sent but found no debris; tests found a faulty cable in the acoustic equipment.

Even after searching for Malaysia, Australia, and China called off the search for flight 370 in January 2017.

Even though any mechanical failure was extremely unlikely, the change in paths might have resulted from manual inputs; however, no one could determine what exactly might have happened to flight 370 disappearances. It became one of the famous unsolved incidents.

  • A man from Taured– A mysterious person from a mysterious country

Back in 1954, a well-dressed man allegedly showed up at Tokyo Airport. He reportedly was a Caucasian male who spoke French and Japanese.

He appeared normal, and he had his passport, but when the customs agent saw him, he paused and was perplexed, explaining that he was from Taured, a country the agent had never heard of. Even though his passports looked legitimate, the agents were perplexed and asked other agents but were unable to find them.

So they decide to ask the questions, and the man was visibly taken aback and shocked; in his words, he was from a 1,000-year-old nation that was renowned on Earth.

The agents, unsure what to do, left him in the room and returned with their bosses, who wanted to ask many questions when the guards opened the door. Nothing, an empty room.

This became an urban legend and a fascinating story that captures every mind and makes your mind boggle about this one of the famous unknown people.

  • Satoshi Nakamoto: Bitcoin Creator

It is a name that Bitcoin’s founders used. The actual person that the name represents hasn’t come forward or it might be a pseudonym. The name has been a pseudonym for a now-famous unknown person, group, or team.

However, the involvement of Bitcoin through Nakamoto might have ended in 2010. The last correspondence anyone had with Nakamoto was in an email. The inability to put a face to the names has led to significant speculation about the famous unknown people.

  • Banksy- Enigmatic Artist

If you’re familiar with modern art, then you know he is one of the famous unknown people, Bansky, have seen his paintings, through stencils on side of the buildings. Even in the era of CCTV. He came into the art world around 1993; his dark humor, subversive epigrams, and comments appear all over the world.

His works have always addressed social and political issues such as anti-imperialism, anti-war, anarchism, poverty, hypocrisy, boredom, existentialism, and others. Despite his international fame, the artist has kept his anonymity for good; if anyone finds him, he will face millions of dollars in vandalism. 

Ultimately, we’ve got more questions than answers. These are just a few unknown people and unresolved incidents in the long list of our strange world. Keep hoping that one day we get answers.

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