Traveling In Monsoon: Lonavala

Rajmachi Fort at lonavala

Monsoon always helps to calm our minds. Many people say that one should stay home with some tea and a decent book through rainy days. They are right. But mine is a little unorthodox. Traveling in monsoon, and clicking photos and videos I love the most. Since you go anywhere in the monsoon, be it a hill station, a small town, you usually track the spotless and green view everywhere.

Lonavala comes as the fresh wind blows and the merciless heat of the sun escapes quickly, for those living in the city. It\’s about resting your head in the lap of nature and letting it take the lead. With the change in every season, Lonavala has different shades and colors. In which shadow Lonavala witness is completely your choice.

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The Place

Lonavala is a famous hill station found close to the urban communities of Pune and Mumbai. It is a compensated place from mother nature with a gloriously pleasant and happy climate. This place is home to a thick wood, lakes, and waterfalls. This place is a home ideal for adventurers and explorers. Lonavala is situated between the shayadri hills and offers stunning and shiny approaches from the hill. A passenger visiting Lonavala should not ignore chikki. It is sweet produced using water sugar syrup and peanuts in one mouth. The location could be the biggest end-of-the-week door for a wide range of passengers.

There are various places to visit at Lonavala in the monsoon:

Lonavala Lake

Decorated with charming mountains and spectacular natural beauty, Lonavala Lake is one of the best places to delve into a romantic stay. Inhabiting a wide spectrum of bird species and organisms, there is much to cherish on the banks of this enchanted lake.

Lonavala Lake

Rainy season is the best time to travel and enjoy some wateractivities when rain fills the lake. There are several stalls around mumbai\’s signature street food vada-pav, piping hot ginger tea and other snack stalks lake.

Rajmachi Fort

Rajmachi Fort has two fortifications called Srivardhan and Manranjan Fort. It is a very famous fort located near Pune and is also one of the top heritage sites in Lonavala. Encircled by a wide level, the stronghold takes a gander at the Bor Ghat. The fortification complex incorporates colossal defenses, solid dividers, enormous scope doorways, private units, water supplies, managerial focuses and mystery entryways for exit.


In Maharashtra the best sites to visit in Monsoon is Rajmachi Fort. The fort is the strange Udhewadi village as the foothills which serves as the base for the visit of Rajmachi. During the monsoon season, Rajmachi becomes a green paradise and the route to Rajmachi takes you through spectacular views of waterfalls and rolling green hills.

Kunu Waterfalls

Kunu Waterfalls

Kune falls is located centrally within Lonavala and Khandala valley is a three tired waterfalls with a total height of two hundred meters (six hundred feet); the highest drop being hundred meters. The waterfall is the 14th highest waterfall in India.

Falls attracts a large number of tourists during the rainy season when the waterfall is in its peak form and flows down after eating a huge gash. Bathing and swimming in waterfalls are popular activities. The water flowing through the valley lasts for several days even after the monsoon season is over.

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