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The Time Slip: In all our life, we have always been taught that time is a line that is always supposed to move forward and never go back. What if we are wrong? What if we can actually move backward in time? Just because science hasn’t found a way to make time travel possible, doesn’t mean nature hasn’t.

All around the world, there are people claiming that they have experienced time slips. In time slip the person is temporarily transported to another period of time. Is time travel possible? In this article, I will share stories from some people who believed they experienced a time slip.

Case of Bold Street

Bold Street in Liverpool, England is infamous for time slips. One theory is that the city is built on sandstone, which creates a strong magnetic field and can affect the human mind. If that’s the case or not something strange happened in July 1996. An off-duty officer, Frank was shopping with his wife in Liverpool. He ran into an old friend and stopped to say “Hi” to him, while his wife continued without him towards DILLONS, a book store. After they had their chat, Frank said farewell and headed towards DILLONS. The store was right across the street when he noticed something was different. The ‘DILLONS’ board sign was now changed to ‘CRIPP’S’. He thought to himself ‘That can’t be right’.

When he proceeds to cross the street, he was moved behind by a fast-moving very old-fashioned van. That’s when he noticed that people around him also wore really old-fashioned clothes from 50 rs. He was confused but proceeded to walk towards Dillons or at least where he thought it should be. When he looked through the store’s window he didn’t see books but women’s handbags and clothes. Frank was now really confused about what was happening,just then he saw women dressed in regular track pants and a t-shirt. She entered ‘Cripps’ and Frank followed her into the store. As soon as he stepped inside the store he was surrounded by books rather than any bags or clothes. He was so startled and grabbed the women’s arm.

Frank: ‘Did you see that?’.

Women: ‘Yeah, I thought it was a clothing store. My Bad!’.

She left before he could ask any questions. After some research, Frank found out that Cripp’s was actually a clothing store in 1950 at the exact same place. He never really heard or read about Cripp’s up until this day. If he was imagining things then this was a pretty big coincidence.

Is a Time Slip Possible?

Some Scientists do believe that time travel or time slips are possible. Science may not have enough technology how to achieve that but nature somehow does. There are lots of stories around the world of people experiencing time slips or time travel. Is it a supernatural phenomenon or just bizarre thinking by the human mind? If time travel excites you, there is an amazing series named ‘Dark’ on Netflix based on this topic.

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