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Elisa Lam the name that caught attention of almost all the news channels, YouTube channels , people of Los Angeles and slowly all around the world in 2013. Hotel Cecil is a well known hotel in Downtown L.A where a body was found in the water tank of the hotel on Feb 19, 2013. The body was identified to be of Elisa Lam who was a Canadian student at British Columbia University, Vancouver.


Elisa ,21 was on a solo trip and arrived in L.A on 26 January 2013 and checked into Hotel Cecil after two days of arrival. She lived in a shared room with some girls on the fifth floor of the hotel, but when the girls complained to the hotel about her \’weird behavior\’ she was shifted to a single room. Hotel Cecil has its own negative history. There are reports of people committing suicide, murder, drug dealing in the hotel. The area near the hotel also know as Skid Row was popular for drug dealers, murders and thieves.

So, when Elisa arrived in the hotel she was on her medication for bipolar disorder and depression. One day she decided to battle her fears and go on a solo trip starting from California. She called her parents everyday to inform them on where she was and what she was doing. On 1 February, 2013 she was all set to leave L.A and proceed towards Santa Cruz about which her parents did not get any call or message from her. They reported her disappearance in LAPD, and arrived in Los Angeles to search for her daughter. Police started its investigation, YouTube channels came up with their own theories and the case got limelight for people around the world.


LAPD investigation of 3-4 days got no major evidence on her disappearance until they went through CCTV footage. LAPD found a CCTV footage of Elisa where she was inside the lift, making weird hand signs, hiding from someone or something, pressing number of buttons but the lift door did not get closed. Police could not identify such behavior, they decided to release the video online for anyone to see it and understand what is happening.

Here is the link to actual video –


After the release of her CCTV footage, people around the world became so interested in her case that almost everyone had their own theory. Some blamed it on hotel for hiding some major information about her and some believed it to supernatural. But one specific theory that caught attention of people was of Elevator Game.

The Elevator Game

The Elevator Game is believed to give an individual access to another parallel dimension. This theory was originated from Korea and got attention after the death of Elisa Lam.

Rules to Play –

  • Enter a Building with at least 10 floors.
  • Before the game starts , make sure in this entire process the player is alone in the lift and no one else should enter until the game is finished.
  • Once player enters the lift press the sequence of button , the lift will open on those floors do not get out of the lift.(4,2,6,2,10).
  • After reaching on tenth floor , go to fifth floor. A women will enter the lift do not look or speak to her.
  • Go to first floor.
  • If player presses 1 and lift advances to 10th floor means player is still in the game, but if the lift reaches first floor get out of the lift and do not look back.
  • Once player reaches the 10th Floor , it is believed that the elevator door now has opened to another dimension. There will be no one in this world and if not performed properly the player may die.

Many believed that Elisa was playing Elevator Game and made some mistake thus ended up dying.

What Really Happened?

While this investigation was in progress, the guest in the hotel complained about yellow and black water coming from their tap. Some said the water did not taste good. After a numerous number of complain the hotel manager sent a worker to look in the tanks on the roof of the hotel to check if something was wrong. When the worker checked on the roof and saw one of the tanks open. He reached up to check the tank to find out Elisa Lam\’s body naked inside the tank.

The guests were immediately removed from the facility and were shifted to another hotel. LAPD sent the body for postmortem but the cause of death could not be identified. There were no signs of sexual harassment, no sign of force. The Final report claimed the Lam had stopped taking her medication and the bipolar disorder took over her, which made her hallucinate and see things. No actual reason or proof was found in this case. So , no one really knew was she doing something supernatural and the lack of medication made her kill herself.

Netflix releases a documentary on her case \’Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel\’ on February 10, 2021.

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