Sunday, October 17, 2021
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BlogA Plane Disappeared And Landed 37 Years Later

A Plane Disappeared And Landed 37 Years Later


What would you do if the plane you are onboard on takes off from one country and land 37 years later in another country. On July 2, 1955,Pan America Flight 914 made its way from New York to Miami, Florida. It was a warm sunny day and 57 passengers were onboard. The plane took off without any trouble and 3 hours later where it should have already been landed, it was nowhere to be seen. Radars of control tower in Miami did not show any approaching aircraft. Also, no distress signal was detected. When air traffic control contacted New York tower, they informed that the plane disappeared in mid-air. They tried contacting pilot through the radio but they could not reach him

Plane - Pan America

Pan America disappeared in thin air and the passengers were nowhere to be found. The investigation started right away. The plane took of from New York and should have reached Miami crossing Atlantic Ocean. So, the only explanation was the plane would have crashed somewhere along the way. Rescue teams were deployed, The Coast Guard was scanning the water but no luck. Eventually even if the case wasn’t actually solved an official statement was released that the plane was crashed and killed everyone onboard. But what actually happened nobody knows until 37 years at least.

September 9,1992 Caracas Venezuela, Juan de la Corte was an air traffic controller at Caracas. He started his day with everyday coffee, checking of Radar and sending some minor signal to flights. He noticed something weird. Out of no where a signal appeared on Radar. It was like something was just hiding in the clouds and and suddenly popped out. Juan de la Corte thought that it must be a mistake but soon he and his colleague were able to see the plane. At first they thought it must be a normal aircraft. As it got closer they noticed it was a very old DC-4 McDonnell Douglas passenger aircraft. The use of such planes were reduced and new modern plane had replaced them. But this was just the beginning of weird.

Plane- PAn America
Pan America 914

The real confusion began when the pilot of the mysterious plane contacted tower and asked ‘Where are we?’. Juan replied ‘They were closing in Caracas airport. Where are you heading?’. After a pause the pilot replied ‘We are Pan Am Flight 914 heading from New York to Miami, Florida with a crew of 4 and 57 passengers on board’. This confused air control even more. ‘What was a Pan Am doing 1100 miles away from its destination?’ and How did it even get there?’. The pilot then informed that the flight was scheduled to land at 9.55 am on July 2 1955. Everyone at the tower paused. Without asking anymore questions Juan commanded to clear the runway for landing. He thought he would let the plane land and then question them. Ground units were called to assist the plane and passengers. It landed without trouble.

After the safe landing Juan had a question that bothered him. He asked pilot ‘Do you know today is May 21 1992’. The pilot did not reply. Juan understood that he had made a mistake by asking this question. As the ground units approached the plane, pilot replied ‘What are you talking about?’. Juan got worried and ordered security to escort passengers and the crew. However, while they were moving towards the aircraft the pilot did something unexpected. Juan heard pilot’s panicking voice ‘No, Stay Away We are leaving now’. He started the engine and without waiting for take off clearance he flew off and disappeared again in thin air. Juan and others could see the plane in air for sometime before disappearing. He tried to stop them but pilot did not listen.


To this day the plane was never seen again. It disappeared just like it did 37 years ago. Many people believe it might be a result of time travelling. But the question is ‘Will the plane appear again 37 years later’?



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