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BlogThe Dark History Of Mother Teresa

The Dark History Of Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa or Mary Teresa Bojaxhiu is popularly known for a person who has always helped the poor and targeted towards poverty issue. She was honored as the Saint Teresa of Calcutta by Catholic Church. Mother Teresa born in Skopje was a Albanian Indian Roman Catholic nun and missionary. She had received many honors including Nobel Peace Prize.

Mother Teresa Family

But including all this she was praised as well as criticized while she was alive. Mother Teresa was born August 26 1910. From early age she was fascinated by the lives of missionaries and by age of 12 she decided that she would join them. At age of 18 in 1928 she left home and joined the sisters of Loretto in Wrath Franham Ireland to learn English. Teresa took her first vow as nun on May 24th 1931 in Darjeeling where is learned Bengali. She taught at Loreto Convent in eastern Calcutta for at least 20 years after which she became head mistress.

Mother Teresa Childhood

On September 10th 1946 among the horrors of Hindi Muslim violence, Teresa described what she later called as ‘The call within the call’. She said she has to leave the school and help the poor by leaving among them. Mother Teresa quickly began to fulfill the needs of starving, helpless and needy. In 1949, she was joined by group of young women together they started a new religious foundation. The motive of this foundation was to help the poorest of poor. On October 7 Teresa got the Vatican permission for the foundation she is most famous for. It began with a small group of 13 members but by 1997 the foundation was joined by almost 4000 sisters. Together they were running orphanages, AIDS hospitals and charity center around the world.

Mother Teresa

But behind all this Mother Teresa was also involved in some shady business. Her clinics received millions of dollars donation yet the condition of patients were appalling. There was a immense shortage of medical care and nutrition. Teresa once told a patient that ‘Pain means Jesus is near you. Suffering is the opportunity to share in the passion of Christ’.

Christopher Hitchens a English journalist and a critic wrote a brief essay on ‘Mother Teresa in theory and practice.’ In his essay he focused on the corruption in church. He wrote ‘Mother Teresa is not a friend of poor, she was a friend of poverty. She said that suffering is the gift from God. She spent her life opposing the only known cure of poverty, which is the empowerment of women.’ He accused her of being a hypocrite. Teresa after being diagnosed with cancer took the western treatment. On the other hand, she said her patients to believe in god for cure.

Christopher Hitchens

Christopher got a chance to meet her and interview her. He came to know that she wasn’t working towards reducing poverty but increasing the number of Catholics in the country. She said ‘I am not a social worker, I don’t do this for a reason. I do it for Christ, I do it for church.’ For the victims of natural disaster in India, Teresa would only offer them prayers than aiding them. The most disturbing truth about Mother Teresa was the millions of dollars she received was vanished in some secret bank. This money was supposedly to be used for sick and poor. But instead this money was used to built the church.

Her hospital was named as ‘The Hospital of Dying.’ She prevented women from abortion or birth control so that the country get overpopulated and the poverty remains. She also forced her patients to change their religion and become Catholic. But some critics applauded Teresa saying she encouraged other people to charity. But does Mother Teresa really deserved the title she was given? The answer will always have two sides.



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