Over the last 2 to 3 decades, technology has become more and more a part of our daily lives, to the point where it has taken over our lives. Take a moment, stop reading this post and look around you. What do you notice? Do you see tech, gadgets, computers, video monitoring? Notice how our lives are surrounded by gadgets and tech appliances. The PC at your desk, the cell phone next to your bed, the WIFI router, even your thermostat – all these are examples of how technology has transformed every aspect of our lives. Some for the good and others may not be so good.


Positive Impacts of Technology

Easier Communication

Clear communication is vital in the business setting. Miscommunication has cost companies fortunes in the past because of an inability to communicate in time or in a clear manner between employees or between companies and their clients. In the not-so-distant past, the main method of communication was the phone. You would have to have a secretary to keep track of your schedule and you would have to hope for the best that you wouldn’t get caught playing phone tag with an important deadline looming. These days, there are software solutions that help automate scheduling. Communication platforms also allow employees to speak with one another through email or chat that can be accessed on multiple devices whether they’re in the office or not. Essentially, everyone is connected, thereby making it easy to communicate with anyone across your organization as well as with clients and prospects.

Negative Impact of Technology

Physical Effects

The negative impacts of technology on the physical health of youngsters is probably the most easily quantifiable of all the negatives of technology.  The most commonly touted health effect of technology use has been metabolic diseases caused by sedentary lifestyles fostered by technology use.  Sitting with a digital device not only reduces the amount of physical movement required to stay healthy, but also induces snacking more, all of which leads among many illnesses, to obesity.  Constant sitting also leads to back and neck problems, which have now been exacerbated by bending into the handheld device all the time, leading to an entirely new disease – Text NeckTendonitis in the thumb caused by repeated use of thumbs to push buttons on devices or playing too many games and Carpel Tunnel syndrome are other physical problems that are caused by overuse of the wrist and fingers to type on different devices.

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

The advancements made by the scientific and engineering community has turned Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics from science fiction to reality. Though we don’t have human-like robots like those depicted in movies, intelligent machines are now a part of our daily lives. Think about advanced drones that are capable of surveillance, tracking. Aren’t such machines highly-intelligent robots?

Driverless cars are yet another example of AI and robotics. With tech giants like Google, Tesla, and BMW involved in the production of driverless cars, it looks like we are going to see self-driving cars sooner than we may have expected. While the concept of Robotics and AI sounds exciting, it is not without flaws. Many people believe that the implementation of robotics and AI will lead to mass layoffs and unemployment. Now, with driverless cars, intelligent chatbots, it may turn out that drivers and customer support agents are going to have a hard time keeping their jobs.


Future of Technology

With each passing day, technology is growing by leaps and bounds. And despite concerns about unemployment and over-dependence, proper use of technology holds a bright future for us. So, how can technology shape up the future in a better way? Let’s take a look!

Clean Energy

Excessive consumption of fossil fuels has led our planet to the brink of catastrophic consequences. However, technology is helping us deal with this problem by developing clean energy. Development in the field of solar power technology has drastically reduced the cost of solar cells. Generation of electricity through wind turbines has also gained a lot of momentum in the recent years. So, in the near future, technology can help us do away with dependence on fossil fuels and embrace clean and green energy solutions.


Education For All

A considerable number of the global population doesn’t have access to quality education. With the help of the internet, anyone on this planet can have access to not only basic education but also advanced topics. Reputed educational institutions from different countries are already recording lectures and publishing those materials on the internet for everyone to watch and learn. With better internet connectivity and smartphones, “education for all” won’t be a pipe dream anymore.


Science and Technology

In terms of scientific advancements, India is becoming a stronger nation. Recently, India has launched space missions such as the Mangalyaan spacecraft orbiting Mars and the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV). The satellites missioned by our Indian scientist would facilitate enhanced operational communication network to the country, establishing the country’s progress further. In future, India is likely to take a lead role in launching more satellites and indulging in successful space missions. The gigantic power of scientific advancements will be channelized for the benefit of the nation to eliminate unemployment, violence, inequality, and misery of millions.

Advancement in science and technology is essential for a country to be strong and well-developed in the global arena. India is making and is all set to bring many advancements in the field of science and technology. The central and state governments, along with various other public and private industry players are engaged in scientific researches and technological developments, moving the nation on the path of tremendous growth and development.


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