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Something that never pass into nothingness: Who would not like to feel their best selves consistently? Quite possibly the most visited sites for a netizen is magnificence online journals where you can get tips on everything from picking the right shade of lipstick for your dress or the best face pack you can make at home. Fortunately, there are numerous Indian excellence bloggers who are there to take care of us. Need to think about the absolute best excellence bloggers in India who expound on style and magnificence? Continue to peruse.

#Top excellence bloggers in India

  • Dendiva:
  • Sherry Shroff
  •  Gia Says That
  • Corallista
  • Peaches and Blush
  • Deepica Mutyala\’s Blog
  • vasudha.rai
  • shreyajain26
  • kaushal
  • deepikamakeup



Dendiva\’s blog, \”My Beauty Junction\” is an incredible spot to search for cosmetics instructional exercises. In this blog, you likewise run over the instructional exercises and tips about the point by point cycle of cosmetics looks that will assist you with accomplishing the look that you have wanted be it essential stuff like getting the ideal feline eye or some remarkable forming. You will likewise foster a profound comprehension of your skin tone just as which cosmetics best matches your skin.

You can likewise look at her extraordinary look books in the event that you are uncertain about how to style your outfits.

The name behind DenDiva is Madhu, who is a US-based Indian blogger and YouTuber. Her blog addresses cosmetics, excellence medicines, nail craftsmanship, style and surprisingly mouth-watering plans. This is on the grounds that Madhu accepts that magnificence comes from the inside and it will not come except if you feel great in your body and brain.

Madhu is a California-based nerd who began to her writing for a blog on magnificence, design and cosmetics when she was on her maternity leave. Her way of thinking is that each lady has a diva inside, and everybody ought to spoil that diva by carrying on with the best life they can. The Indian Beauty Blog: Best Indian excellence bloggers.

On the off chance that you are likewise one of them who love to find out about your grandmom\’s excellence tips; just as other little known techniques, then, at that point you will cherish The Indian Beauty Blog.

From cosmetics to skincare, item audits and incredible desi excellence look books-this blog has everything. The best thing about this blog is that, obviously, the desi spotlight. Regularly, cosmetics instructional exercises and suggestions are composed remembering in light complexion tones. This blog considers the normal Indian whitish skin tones and constructs looks that favor it.

Most bloggers additionally favor western investigates Indian ones. The Indian Beauty Blog is exceptionally Indian and particularly accommodating for young ladies who need to find out about fundamental desi styles which they can wear effortlessly.

Blogger Ritu Rajput is particularly notable for her \”saree stories\”. Ritu is a notable face in the Indian style and magnificence scene, she has worked with numerous public and global brands. She likewise filled in as \”Lux representative for India\” from 2016-2018.

#Sherry Shroff


Sherry Shroff is a notable YouTube magnificence blogger. Ladies who love idiosyncratic styles and don\’t support obviously ladylike styles rush to her channel since she has an exceptional character and her style reverberates with it.

Sherry posts recordings each Monday and Friday, and her recordings are instructive just as loaded with humor. You can find out about different parts of magnificence directly from the essential skincare hacks to cutting edge instructional exercises for hair, skin and cosmetics.

Sherry is additionally an eager explorer, and there are many sightseeing video blogs that you can spot on her channel. In addition, she additionally offers you guidance on head out style-how to change around your look dependent on where you go. She is additionally a specialist on DIY and has arisen as a notable stunner influencer.

#Gia Says That


Gia Kashyap\’s blog, \”Gia Says That\” is massively famous. While she is all the more generally known as a style blogger, she is exceptionally adaptable additionally discusses excellence, travel and way of life. Her own style is normal, metropolitan and downplayed, and on the off chance that you are searching for immortal, exemplary looks-she is the young lady for you.

She is known for watching out for quality-arranged cosmetics basics just as consistently proposes her significant perusers with liberal surveys on them. Not simply that, she likewise gives skincare tips and highlights extraordinary prepares and instructional exercises for merry and wedding seasons.

Gia accepts that an individual can\’t feel lovely except if she is glad, so her blog adopts an all encompassing strategy she additionally discusses the significance of self-care and de-pushing. She is a hit among ladies in their 20s and youthful experts since her recommendation is consistently viable and wearable.



On the off chance that your style is female, Corallista is the blog for you. Corallista is fronted by Ankita, who has been publishing content to a blog since 2011. She additionally has an Instagram account and a YouTube channel, however the blog remains her primary draw.

Ankita covers cosmetics and skincare broadly. From item audits to shading makeup tests to highlighting sking care standard or each season and time Corallista has everything. She\’s an incredible cosmetics craftsman, and in the event that you have a light complexion tone, you can without much of a stretch follow her make up tips. She additionally expounds on food and travel at times yet the principle strength of her blog is her item surveys. You can discover practically every single skincare and cosmetics items included on her blog-and she is fast at investigating fresh introductions as well.

#Peaches and Blush


In the event that you are a wedding-fan this blog is a one-stop answer for you. The Bridal area is notable among magnificence lovers on the grounds that the blog covers each conceivable wedding/marriage look. So on the off chance that you are looking external the run of the mill conventional wedding looks, Peaches and Blush is an incredible pick for you.

Also, the marriage area is devoted to giving data about wedding shopping, cosmetics just as merchants. Truth be told, the blog is reciprocal to the startup WedMeGood, where you can discover pretty much every data you need on weddings.

In any case, that isn\’t all that the blog is about. Mehad Sagar and her group cover magnificence, style and travel overall as well. She additionally includes a large group of audits and skincare schedules from other excellence bloggers and influencers.

#Deepica Mutyala\’s Blog


The blogger behind this blog is Deepica Mutyala who comes among the best Indian bloggers. You may recollect her from that viral YouTube video in which she concealed her dark circles utilizing red lipstick. From that point forward, she has proceeded to include on Dr Oz Show and The Today Show.

Assuming you need to find out about some astonishing cosmetics stunt, this blog is ideal for you-with her remarkable videography abilities, Deepica gives you some extraordinary quality video writes that truly make understanding cosmetics application methods appear to be simple.

The best thing about Deepica\’s blog is that her instructional exercises are ideal for dim skin tones. She centers around cosmetics that is fit to Indian skin tones, and truly delights in hyping Bollywood styles.

WiseShe : Freelance Beauty Blogger in India

WiseShe’s Anamika calls herself a “shameless shopaholic”. Good for us because since the blog started in 2010, it has got five popular domains and has emerged as the most widely known websites for women in India.

What’s more, she has launched her own beauty and make up line on Amazon. Her team has also grown, and now the website has a solid presence of social media and YouTube as well. So check her blog regularly to know about sales and discounts of her line of products.

You can find articles on baby care, makeup, beauty, skincare, fitness, travel and fashion on WiseShe.  Here, you can also find DIY home remedies for common problems related to hair and skincare. Also, she features “best dressed” lists for important red carpet galas.

Rundown of Best cosmetics bloggers on Instagram

On the off chance that we are discussing magnificence bloggers, it is basic to make reference to Instagram excellence bloggers. They are enormously persuasive now and have gotten the favored go-to for young ladies and teens.

Along these lines, here are the absolute most notable and the best excellence bloggers on Instagram:



Vasudha Rai is the previous excellence head of Harper\’s Bazaar India. By and by, she is a feature writer with Vogue Indian and The Hindu. Regardless of whether you need to think about the current skincare medicines or choosing the right lipstick according to your skin tone you can take help her assistance.

Her Instagram handle is incredible for item surveys. You will discover numerous quality magnificence items that may not be notable, and she is constantly offset with her perspectives. However, she likewise audits pharmacy items, yet her specialty is searching for regular skincare and excellence items.

Instagram: @ispeakwhatyoulove

Naina Ruhail is the individual behind this handle. Situated in Delhi, Naina is truly adept at making unbelievable marriage looks. Yet, that is by all account not the only thing she is acceptable at. Naina is an adaptable wonder blogger who is as capable with wedding cosmetics as she is with exemplary female, energetic and courageous looks.

She is the author of Vanity Wagon, and her emphasis is on \”clean magnificence\”. In the event that you are a mother, you will cherish her style since she figures out how to be stylish just as age-proper and consistently feature looks that are wearable, all things considered.



Shreya is a Delhi-based YouTuber who is quick getting perhaps the most mainstream names in the Insta excellence scene. For some day by day magnificence motivation, you can check her diverse excellence looks on her Instagram page.

Aside from giving definite depictions for every item she uses to make her looks, Shreya is additionally an incredible style blogger. In excellence, she lean towards intense, striking looks. Her Instagram is an extraordinary spot to discover items that suit the Indian wheatish skin tones.



Kausal, a UK-based Indian Youtuber has overwhelmed Instagram. She is a standout amongst other cosmetics craftsmen around-be it giving essential cosmetics strategies to making amazing, confounded lewks. Her recordings are habit-forming, and she loves to feature her desi ladylike side.

On the off chance that you need to explore different avenues regarding striking tones, Kaushal is the magnificence blogger to follow. She frequently makes sensational, eye-getting looks which are very popular without going over the top. So on the off chance that you need to track down the ideal sparkling, purple eyeliner for yourself, look at her item ideas. Her Insta handle is additionally an extraordinary travel journal.



In the event that you are worn out on seeing just the lip colors that look great on white ladies, then, at that point do follow Deepika Instagram handle today. She is a US-based Indian excellence blogger who gives astonishing tips of lipstick conceals that look amazing on Indian skin. She gives stunning instructional exercises about the cosmetics which each desi young lady can go for.

Furthermore, her Instagram is an incredible spot to discover basic, ordinary looks. In the event that you are one of the individuals who lean toward straightforward, new, wearable looks-Deepika is the individual to follow. She is additionally a saree aficionado, and you can look at some astounding looks on her handle.

In the event that you are searching for cosmetics and style that focuses on solace and is appropriate for genuine circumstances, this is the spot to be.

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