Sunday, October 17, 2021
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Shatrughan Sinha: Some people have got a chance to settle scores with Shah Rukh, through Aryan Khan – Exclusive! – Times of India


The inimitable Shatrugan Sinha does not mince his words. When ETimes reached out to the legend to record his thoughts and opinions on Aryan Khan’s arrest in the drugs raid case, Sinha spoke with his usual nonchalance. Speaking about the film industry taking time to unite and show support to Shah Rukh Khan, he says, “Nobody wants to come forward. Everyone thinks it’s the other person’s problem and he should deal with it. They want the person to fight his own battle. The industry is a bunch of scared folks. Just like the godi media they are godi kalakars.”

Ask him if SRK is being targeted on the basis of his religion, he says, “We cannot say that it’s his religion that has come in the way, but some people have begun using that subject now, which is not right at all. Whoever is an Indian is the son of India and all are equal under our constitution.” He is quick to point out that Aryan is being antagonized because he is SRK’s son. He adds, “Shah Rukh is definitely the reason why the boy is being targeted. There are other names like Munmun Dhamecha and Arbaaz Merchant, but nobody is talking about them. The last time such a thing happened, the focus was on Deepika Padukone, although there were other names involved, and known names too, but the focus was on her only.”

He is also of the opinion that through Aryan, the powers that be are trying to get at SRK. He explains, “This time they have Aryan Khan to play with, because he is Shah Rukh Khan’s son and they’ve got a chance to settle scores with the actor.” Sinha also points to the fact that NCB officials did not find any contraband on Aryan. He says, “We also know they haven’t found any drug on him, nor have they got any incriminating material. Even if they had found any drug, the punishment is at the most one year but that does not arise in this case. Another big question that needs to be asked after they arrested Aryan and others, why weren’t the urine and blood tests done? That is normally done in these kinds of cases.”

Sinha brings up the topic of political aides being present during the detention process of Aryan, Arbaaz and Munmun. He says, “The member from a political party, who was one of the panch (leads) in the case, roaming around the NCB office as he was at kumbh mela. Who gave him and the other person permission, who supposedly has a criminal record, to drag the boys in such a humiliating manner? And the big question is, why were three persons let go even before the enquiry of the case was completed? The guy with the criminal record was happily taking a selfie with Aryan Khan, jaise ki woh ghar kaa damad tha (as if he was an honoured guest). All this simply suggests that there is more here than that meets the eye.”

Sinha feels SRK and Aryan are in good hands with their team of lawyers. He adds, “Shah Rukh should be grateful to lawyers like Satish Maneshinde and the judiciary, which has refused to give NCB more time to reply in the case. Also, it is surprising if there was no maintainability, why did the case go to that court for bail? I also would want to tell one thing that Shah Rukh and others should have faith in their lawyers and the judiciary and honour the law.” He also offers praise to fellow politician Nawab Malik who has held several conferences alleging that the NCB investigation is questionable. He adds, “I am totally impressed with Nawab Malik, who has brought forth a legal point with proof and put the NCB in the dock. Shah Rukh should be thankful to him. And what Malik has said about the NCB and others needs to be thoroughly investigated.”

He also condemns sloganeering and jingoism on social media and says, “Some of them have been termed as anti-national and have been advised to go to Pakistan. Shah Rukh Khan was told to go to Pakistan, too.” Finally, we ask Sinha if he’s spoken to SRK to offer his support and he says, “I have done my duty, now it is their turn to talk to me.”


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