Thursday, October 28, 2021
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BollywoodSanjay Dutt remembers the first shot of his first film 'Rocky'

Sanjay Dutt remembers the first shot of his first film ‘Rocky’

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Sanjay Dutt remembers the first shot of his first film ‘Rocky’

MumbaiActor Sanjay Dutt recalls the first shot of his career he gave for his debut film ‘Rocky’, which released in 1981. He said that he was nervous and being a newcomer he had to face a lot of pressure. On the sets of a reality show, Sanjay was asked about his debut film ‘Rocky’ and his experience.

Sanjay said, “I was nervous. I was a newcomer, think what kind of pressure was on me. The shooting was in Kashmir and my first shot was screaming and jumping. I had to shout ‘help’ in the shot. Mr. Suresh Bhatt (choreographer) was there and he didn’t think that I will do stunts in one go.

Sanjay further said that “I assured him that Suresh Chacha I can, he replied don’t call him ‘Chacha’ here. Here he is ‘Master Suresh’. I looked at my father and he said to me ‘Look at him and hear what he is saying. There were about 50 to 60 people there and I was very nervous.

“I had to shout ‘Help’ and jump in,” he said. When I did this everyone was silent and I was upset thinking what had happened, why was no one saying anything. After a brief pause Mr. Suresh said what is the matter and everyone started clapping.

Talking about doing stunts in his first film, he said, “I had to learn to ride a bike to do all those stunts”.

“I have done all my stunts myself. All the heroes of that time had this thing where they all wanted to do their stunts. Be it going through glass or riding, falling etc. I was there 65 feet without any air bags. jumped off.”

Filmmaker Anurag Basu and others praised Sanjay on the show.

Basu said that the actor performing his own stunts is currently missing, Sanjay said that he will bring him back.

Sanjay’s upcoming slate includes ‘Toolsidas Junior’, ‘Shamshera’ and ‘KGF Chapter 2’.

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