Monday, January 17, 2022
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SportsRetention rules of IPL 2022 come to the fore, new teams can...

Retention rules of IPL 2022 come to the fore, new teams can retain 3 players

Its retention rules have come to the fore ahead of the mega auction of IPL 2022. Retention rules According to the rules, old teams can retain a maximum of four players. At the same time, new teams have also been given the benefit of this. The new IPL teams can pick up to three players from the remaining players’ pool before the IPL 2022 auction. The BCCI gave this information while confirming on Saturday. The new two teams of IPL can retain 3 players.

According to a Cricbuzz report, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has confirmed that the eight old teams can retain a maximum of four players, while the two new teams will have three players before the auction. The BCCI said in a mail to the franchises on Saturday afternoon, “The 8 existing teams will first get an opportunity to retain a maximum of 4 players and then 2 new teams will be able to retain a maximum of 3 players before the auction.”

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The purse for the IPL 2022 auction is likely to be Rs 90 crore. This amount is slightly more than the Rs 85 crore available in the IPL 2021 auction. The current eight teams will be able to retain a total of four players, including three Indians and one foreigner or two Indian and two overseas players.

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Also, unlike the previous major auctions before the IPL 2018 season, there will be no Right-to-Match Card (RTM) in the auction. Two new franchises to be added to the IPL are Lucknow and Ahmedabad. Two Indian players for the three players. And a foreign player rule has been made. The BCCI has also said that older teams cannot retain more than three capped and uncapped Indian players, while the number of foreign players in the retention list is limited to two. The BCCI e-mail clearly states that a team cannot keep more than two uncapped players. As for the new teams, they can pick two Indian players out of the auction, while the number of overseas players should be only one. Also new teams can pick only one uncapped player before the auction.


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