Larry Wheels Squats 495 Pounds For 15 Reps

On Sept. 19, 2022, Larry “Wheels” Williams shared an Instagram video where he successfully locked out 15 reps of a 224.5-kilogram (495-pound) back squat raw with wraps. The athlete wore a lifting belt and knee wraps and used a safety squat bar — which can limit shoulder rotation and eases potential stress on them. Wheels […]Read More


Don’t Worry Darling movie review (2022)

Styles’ appeal at least fits the premise of “Don’t Worry Darling,” in which a select group of forward-thinking families has moved to a planned Palm Springs community to create their own society in the mid-1950s. “It’s a different way. A better way,” Gemma Chan’s glamorous Shelley assures her guests at one of the movie’s many […]Read More


Kenyan startup Ponea gaining momentum in driving access to medical

Serial Kenyan tech entrepreneur Mike Macharia has spent the last two decades helping enterprises like East Africa’s biggest telco Safaricom to create infrastructure that bolsters their growth. His firm, Seven Seas Technologies, has previously worked with governments too — having been involved in the initial implementation of the decentralized service delivery hubs – Huduma Centres, […]Read More


The 7 Best Adjustable Dumbbells Of 2022, From A Certified

When building your at-home workout setup, it can be easy to accumulate piles of bulky equipment—fast. Enter: adjustable dumbbells, the equipment hack that takes up the space of a single heavy dumbbell, yet serves the purpose of virtually all types—from light weights for high repetitions to heavier weights for those serious gains. As an ACE-certified […]Read More


The Benefits of Barre Workouts

Barre exercises are one of the hottest fitness trends around. But they’re hardly new. These low-impact, total body workouts were developed more than 70 years ago by ballet dancer Lotte Berk to rehab her injured back. And they’re still going strong today. Why is barre all the rage? “Barre workouts are great for everyone at […]Read More