Thursday, October 28, 2021
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BlogMicrosoft Super Duper Secure Mode to higher protect Edge browser

Microsoft Super Duper Secure Mode to higher protect Edge browser

Microsoft is functioning on a replacement feature called Super Duper Secure Mode, which can make its Edge browser secure. The new mode will close up some optimizations. thanks to which hackers won’t be allowed to require advantage of the browser’s bug.

This will take a while, Microsoft said in an exceedingly blog post, but we expect the renderer process to own CET, ACG, CFG protection. Once this is often accomplished, we hope to seek out the simplest way to enable these mitigations supported risk and empower users to balance tradeoffs. This mode turns off a feature of Edge’s JavaScript engine. which suggests the website’s code will run faster.

The company said, this is, of course, just an experiment; Things are subject to vary, we’ve got some technical challenges to beat. Plus, our tongue-in-cheek name will must be changed to something professional once we launch this feature.

Mitigation includes a long history, so we are seeking feedback from the community to assist build sustainable value, Microsoft said. JavaScript engine bugs are a mainstay for attackers for various reasons, they supply powerful exploit primitives, there’s a gentle stream of bugs, the exploit of those bugs often preys on a straight template.


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