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By | July 23, 2021

The WHO report titled \’ Depression and Other common mental health Disorders-Global Health Estimates\’ states that over 78% of global suicides were in low-and middle-income families. Over 300 million people worldwide are suffering from this. Depression and bad mental health had been ignored as serious issues for ages. But do you know depression can also lead to death?… Read More »

बड़े शहरों का शोर

By | July 13, 2021

बड़े शहर का शोर अक्सर हमें खुद से मिला देता हैशोर तो बहुत है लेकिन फिर भी हमें चुप्पी का एहसास दिला देता हैरहते तो हैं हम बहुत भीड़ से घिरे हुएलेकिन उस भीड़ में भी हमें अकेलेपन का एहसास करा देता हैबड़े शहर का शोर अक्सर हमें खुद से मिला देता है बड़े शहरों का उत्साह हमें… Read More »

Addiction of drugs on Young Generation

Addiction of drugs on Young Generation and Consumption of drugs and how it is obliterating the existence’s of our Youth is a state of conversation in this situation drugs as we as a whole know are an illicit matter which a few group smoke, infuse, eat or drink for mental and actual impacts that it leaves. There are… Read More »