Thursday, October 28, 2021
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Jackie Chan when people hear this name the first thing that comes in mind is Martial Arts. Almost everyone in the world knows his name either for Karate, for the real stunts he performed or for his movies. He had worked super hard to reach a place in his life today where the whole world appreciates and loves him. But things were not always as good as it is today.

Jackie had a rough childhood. His real name was Fang Shilong born on April 7 1954. He had always been a energetic child always rolling around thus his parents nick-named him ‘Pao Pao’. His parents were refugees of Chinese Civil War and were living in poverty. Jackie’s father was a spy and his mother smuggled drugs. They abandoned him when he was 6. Before abandoning him they sent him to a boarding school where he learnt Martial Arts, Drama, Acrobatics and Singing.

Jackie Chan Family

He didn’t do great in his studies and failed his first year of primary. Because of his results he was beaten a lot. He was also tormented by bullies for year because he was too scared to stand up for himself. Jackie Chan once told in an interview ‘I was bullied everyday for years until I prevented a new student from being bullied. By standing up for him, I learned to stand up for myself’. After his graduation he started working as a stuntman in Bruce Lee movies. Jackie was starstruck by Bruce Lee for his admiration , for his fighting skills and his timing. Jackie Chan quickly became known for his willingness to do crazy stunt work. After the death of Bruce Lee, he starred in few Kung-Fu-Movies. All of them were a failure at Box-Office. He was not able to imitate Lee’s popular Martial Arts Style.

Bruce Lee- Jackie Chan

Jackie felt defeated, he left Hong-Kong and got a job at a construction site in Australia. He worked there for several years but he was still holding on to his dreams. Jackie truly said ‘Do not let circumstances control you. You can change your circumstances’. He then returned to films with a new style of filmmaking combining slapstick comedy and martial arts. Within 2 years he became the highest paid actor in Asia. Still, he had trouble with his new success. People close to him tricked him out of millions of dollars. He used to carry guns and grenades to protect himself from gangs who wanted his money.

Jackie Chan

Finally, 34 years after his first movie ‘Rumble in the Bronx’, the movie became a massive hit in Hollywood. He was already 42 years old by then. Eventually, he made more than 100 movies in over 50 years. In all his movies, he performed his own stunts thus he had broken every bone in this body at least once. He holds a world record for most stunts by a living actor. His one of the most difficult and dangerous stunt was the one where he jumped out of a plane and landed on the top of hot air balloon. Jackie Chan has always been a talented guy. He can speak 7 languages and is also a classically trained vocalist. He released more than 20 albums. The only two things that scare him was a needle and public speaking. He is Jackie Chan and this is his story.



  1. He is an inspiration. Never seen such a kind person ♥️ Nicely written I didn’t know this much about his past.


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