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Hey there! So hope almost all the people are aware about this If you are hearing about it for the first time let me tell you about it in brief. Basically jaalifestyle company is working on an advertisement based plan. Which is based in London (UK).

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Great News For members

As More and more people Already aware about jaalifestyle That to Join This Company, We Have to pay some money for KYC. But recently we have got some braking news by their official sites and social media.

Jaalifestyle have some great news! From Today means 10 June 2021 you will be able to free register on  EEHHAAA!  members will be able to register for free without the need to pay for a PV (Personal Verification) The removal of the PV requirement will mean that everyone who signs up for free is eligible to earn up to €350 as an advertising benefit. This limit can be increased after 6 months by doing your PV!

Details on Phase 1 of EEHHAAA!

Jaalifestyle says They will start a Phase 1 of the EEHHAAA program on Tuesday 15 June 2021. Which is a trial phase which means that users will be able to view ads, but will not be paid for them.

The trial phase exists so that EEHHAAA can test the system and make sure everything runs smoothly!
The ads you will see during the trial phase will be a combination of mock-up ads and real ads from real companies. Anyone who has registered on EEHHAAA will be able to see them, but you will not earn any money from viewing them.
Phase 1 of the EEHHAAA program is expected to last for two weeks, and thereafter the platform will begin paying viewers.

Delay in free registrations process

The reason for the delay in the roll out of the free EEHHAAA registrations was due to a continuous and prolonged attempt to bring the JAALifestyle website down from someone based in India. As a result, the entire development team had to focus their efforts on keeping the platform up and running so that you, our users, could take advantage of our €10 PV deadline with €1 000 limit offering!

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