Motor Insurance

Motor insurance is an insurance policy that covers the policyholder in case of financial losses – resulting from an accident or other damages – sustained by the insured vehicle. A comprehensive motor insurance policy covers damages to third-party and third-party property along with compensating for own losses as well.

Car Insurance

Bike Insurance

Commercial Vehicle

Health Insurance

Health insurance is a type of insurance that covers medical expenses, surgical expenses of an insured that arise due to illness. It reimburses expenses incurred due to illness or injury or pays directly to the care provider of the insured. These expenses may be related to the cost of hospitalization, cost of medicines or doctor consultation fee.

Health Insurance

Top-up Health Insurance

Personal Accidental Insurance

Travel And Gadget Insurance

Travel insurance is a type of insurance that covers the costs and losses associated with traveling. It is useful protection for those traveling domestically or abroad. Gadget insurance: Gadget Insurance is an insurance which gave the protection against accidental damages, water/fluid damage, theft, burglary and fire damage. Have a Look these few list of Gadget insurance like like cell phones, laptops, digital cameras, computers etc.

Travel Insurance

Mobile Insurance

Term- Life Insurance

Term-Life insurance: Provides full risk cover against any eventuality; Saving and investment plan: Provides an opportunity to save and gain long-term investment return.

Saving & Investment Plan

Term-Life insurance Plan


Why Get Insurance Through Sareideas?

Mastering the best insurance plan can be tough, especially if you’re looking now. Fortunately, finding the best insurance plan is easy, compiled a list of some third party portals that provide the facility to compare premiums with top insurance companies and give an option to choose the best plan.

Is Sareideas B2B Insurance Seller?

No, of course not! provides third party insurance portals such as Policy Bazaar, Symbo Insurance, etc. Which help in buying insurance with top insurance company from one place.

Is it safe to go through Sareideas?

Yes, Of Course yes! once again sareideas is not an insurance company or Service Provider. We are promoting third party portal such as Policy Bazar, Symbo insurance and Trutliment etc. Which Has Registered with IRDA to Sell Insurance With Any Insurance Company In India. Sareideas Gives you the option of that registered site portal to make your research easier. Sareideas redirect You to That IRDA Registered site with a single click.

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