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SEOBest AdSense niches and highest CPC keywords for 2021

Best AdSense niches and highest CPC keywords for 2021

High paying keyword: Earning money online can be often quite hard through blogging, especially if you’re looking to monetize your blog solely through ads.

To be a successful AdSense publisher you would like plenty of traffic but furthermore need that traffic to have interaction with the ads that are being displayed on your site/article.

The AdSense CPC that you just get paid will rely on the topics that you simply write on.

within the world of blogging, you’ll be able to either write articles that will compete for clicks that will pay some cents or be strategic and write content that will pay the massive bucks.

If you’re serious about making money online with AdSense and building a successful business, I suggest you target these top paying keywords, Niche and Industries.

I have divided this article by:

  • Top Paying AdSense Keyword or niche
  • which kinds of Ads pays most
  • Exact long-tail keywords that have insane CPCs
  • few bonus tips to make more money with AdSense
High Paying keyword

Have a look at the top 10 highest paid keywords and monthly searches for 2021

  1. Insurance $67.20 CPC and monthly searches: 368,000
  2. Gas/Electricity $53 CPC and monthly searches: 6.1M
  3. Loans $48 CPC and monthly searches: 246,000
  4. Mortgage $36 CPC and monthly searches: 201,000
  5. Degree $25 CPC and monthly searches: 110,000
  6. Attorney $20 CPC and monthly searches: 135,000
  7. Donate $20 CPC and monthly searches: 90,500
  8. Lawyer $18 CPC and monthly searches: 201,000
  9. Conference Call $12 CPC and monthly searches: 135,000
  10. Credit $5 CPC and monthly searches: 165,000
  11. Technology $4 and monthly searches: 165,000

↓ keep reading to seek out the precise keyword phrases that you just should target ↓

Why does these keywords pays high CPC?

Because the businesses behind the ads have a high customer value and might afford to spend some hundred bucks to amass a customer. It all boils all the way down to their business economics.

Now, How can you profit from these keywords and earn thousand of dollars every month?

Let’s go through a hypothetical example:

As you have noticed that insurance-related blogs give more CPC with the highest search volume.

Then, you research some keywords and find that “car insurance company” pays pretty well.

Now get to writing the best article you can on car insurance companies.

Then write an article within a good on-page SEO, so you are able to get your article post high on google ranking.

You get a good amount of high-quality organic traffic to your site and then earn in more AdSense revenue

Which kind of AdSense ads pays the most?

additionally to pick the most effective niche for AdSense, you furthermore might have options on which ad type to show.

The option is:

  1. Display ads
  2. In-feed ads/Matched content
  3. In-article ads
In article ads example

In my very own experiments, I’ve found higher click-through rates with native in-article ads. Those ads perform the most effectively on any of my sites. I would like these kinds of ads because they’re contextual and frequently receive an honest amount of clicks.

you’ll be able to also try Matched Content if you have got another content you’d prefer to promote.

Bonus tips: use Auto Ads by google

Auto Ads profit of machine learning and place themselves automatically on your site where Google thinks they’ll perform well.

Since Google has millions (if not billions) of websites to check, they’re going to possibly be better than you or me when working out the proper type and placement of the ads.

The sole downside of this is often that you simply won’t have much control of what percentage ads are shown or where they’re placed, which if you’re picky, might annoy you.

For setup Auto AdSense on your site follow these tips:

Sign in page for google adsense account

Sign in to your google AdSense Account

Navigation adsesne

On the left navigation panel click on “My Ads

Then Click ‘Auto Ads

Leave Automatically get new formats selected if you want AdSense to automatically add new ad formats to your global settings as they become available.

Then click ‘save

On the ‘Place code on your page’ page, click Copy code.

Paste the ad code between the <head> and </head> tags of each and every page where you want to show Auto ads. If you’re not aware of how to do this, see Google’s Code implementation guide.

Bonus keywords or niches for high CPC and monthly searches

Here are the other highest payable Keywords that you can also target to your blog post.

  1. “UTI treatment” $10 CPC and monthly searches: 110,000
  2. “Information technology” $17 CPC and monthly searches: 40,000
  3. “Software” $15 CPC and monthly searches: 60,500
  4. “Classes” $14 CPC and monthly searches: 50,000
  5. “Recovery” $16 CPC and monthly searches: 49,500
  6. “Trading” $6 CPC and monthly searches: 110,000
  7. “Rehab” $32 CPC and monthly searches: 60,500
  8. “Hosting” $24 CPC and monthly searches: 74,000
  9. “Transfer” $27 CPC and monthly searches: 49,500
  10. “Cord Blood” $35 CPC and monthly searches: 5,400
  11. “Claim” $11 CPC and monthly searches: 74,000
  12. “Mobile insurance” $10 CPC and monthly searches: 590
  13. “Status quotes” $3 CPC and monthly searches: 90,500
  14. “Industries” $3 CPC and monthly searches: 135,000

SEMrush did a pleasant study on a number of the most effective keywords by country here. If you’re trying to find exact top paying keywords like mesothelioma which pays $1000+ per click, you’ll take a look at the list compiled of 1M+ AdSense keywords by GrepWords.

For example, they reported the last word top paying keyword “mesothelioma survival rates” at $800 per click. Here are some of my favorite top paid keywords per industry found through SEMRush (data for 2019, 2020, and 2021):

Mesothelioma may be a style of cancer that lines the lungs, stomach, heart, and other organs, and unfortunately can’t be cured. Nevertheless, treatment can help reduce the pain. those who contracted mesothelioma did so at their jobs in order that is why you see searches like “mesothelioma attorneys”, “mesothelioma law firms” and “mesothelioma compensation”.

This is a very competitive keyword set so unless you can outrank WebMD and MayoClinic, I suggest you look for other industries/keywords.

competitive AdSense keyword

*Competition of highest number difficulty means highly competitive.

Top Paying Keywords for the Lawyer Niche

Being a lawyer must be nice. You get to decorate in a very suit (which I love) and you furthermore might get to afford to spend exorbitant amounts of cash for website traffic. Not too shabby.

lawyer niche keywords


KEYWORDVOLUMECPC(Cost per click)SD(SEO Difficulty)
online accredited psychology degree480$68.8733
an online degree in educational psychology170$41.0064
online business degree Florida70$71.4873
online university college110$97.1064
online psychology bachelor’s degree1000$92.7524
online psychology bachelor’s degree programs20$10433
fastest criminal justice degree online$100
online college business degree$58
online masters degree in business administration100$22034
parapsychology degree online100$14854
online degree criminal justice100$20064
masters in criminal justice300$10050
online criminology degree400$9048
online criminology degree200$9075
study criminology online20$14135
online masters degree programs in healthcare administration$110
masters degree in human resources online$80
public administration masters degree online$65

The insurance companies surely make a killing from those outrageous premiums they charge us. Otherwise, how could they afford all those TV commercials and these crazy spending on Adwords? If you’re within the insurance blogging space, kudos to you. You’ve picked a winner.

KeywordVolumeSDCPC (Cost per Click)
compare car insurance7078$300
car insurance comparison quote1077$242
insurance quotes young drivers1247$122
car insurance personal injury1585$70
auto insurance Philadelphia pa19060$150
cars with the cheapest insurance rates1085$67
cheapest cars to insure100070$50
best and cheapest car insurance10065$20
lowest insurance rates8037$8

High paying keyword to targeting on the “software” niches

KeywordCPC(Cost per click)
ea fitness$10
fitness center software$29
fit online classes$14
fitness management software$32
Zumba online$12
online fitness$6
online fitness classes$22
online personal training$28
les mills body pump$62

Aw Man, you still forgot Credit, Loans, and other industries…

Don’t worry you will be able to find these keywords (and more!) by going into SEMrush and keyword planner clicking on “Keyword analytics> Phrase match (or related keywords), Typing the keywords that you just want so sorting by cost-per-click. Here are other ideas to try to do keyword hunting. Now, onto my favorite part. The bonuses. Aiming for the proper countries can really skyrocket your AdSense earnings. Here are the highest 10 countries to target: If you’re taking a glance at this chart, you’ll notice that almost all of the countries during this list are first-world countries.

Now, come to the Bonus topics:

#1 Bonus: Target this country if you would like to earn 20X more through AdSense

Targeting to the right country really can skyrocket your AdSense Earning. Here is the list of the top 10 Countries to target for high Revenue.

SR No.CountryAvg. CPC (cost per click)MAX CPCAvg. CTRAverage RPM
1.Germany$0.40 – 1>$111-3%$2.62
2.Japan$0.20 – 0.85$43%$2.44
3.Switzerland$0.20 – 1$63%$2.35
4.United Arab Emirates (UAE)$0.15 – 3.1$114%$2.07
5.United States (US)$0.40 – 2.3$502-3%$2.04
6.Canada$0.50 – 2$302%$1.83
7.Thailand$0.30 – 1$62%$1.6
8.United Kingdom (UK)$0.10 – 1.6$191-2%$1.37
10.Italy$0.10 – 0.50$31-3%$0.73

This is the list of the countries. if you have look at the chart if you have noticed that most of the countries are famous world countries.

How do we target a particular country in your blog/website?

Targeting a particular country the easiest way to your blog must be in their Native Language. Suppose if you want to get visitors from America, Canada, Australia, Uk, etc. Then your blog must be in the English Language. Similarly, you can write in another language like and Italian. if you are looking for visitors from these countries.

Alternative way: You may also change your targeting settings under Search Console.

#2 Bonus: Unlock more revenue by blocking low CPC Ads through AdSense Account

As a publisher, you’ve got a decent amount of control over which Ad Categories you would like to show on your website.

If you’re trying to boost the CPC, RPM, or CPM of your Adsense ads, then I suggest you are taking a glance at your ad performance and begin blocking categories that aren’t playing well.

Here’s how you’ll do this.

  1. Go to Adsense and on the Left column click on “Blocking Controls > Content> All Sites”
  2. Click on “General Categories”
  3. Sort by % Earnings (Ascending).
  4. In there you’ll take a glance at which ads are taking a decent amount of impressions but generating relatively low earnings.

A word of caution: Don’t block too many categories (or ad networks) instead you may significantly reduce the bid competition and can start driving your revenue down.

Pro tip: Run Optimization Experiments

You can always run an Experiment (found under Optimization > Experiments) and see if it blocking your ads yields more revenue or not.

You can also test if showing 50% of your total ads vs. 100% of ads yields more revenue.

Google Adsense experiments typically last for 10-30 days, up to 100 days (depending on your experiment and traffic).

For instance, I’m running the experiment of blocking certain categories, and as you’ll be able to see below I began to see some good results (unfortunately Adsense policies prevent me from sharing the precise numbers).

#3 Bonus: Steal your competitor’s lunch (aka. find which keywords are driving the foremost revenue to them)

What if you’ll view which keywords get your competition the foremost clicks and revenue?

I’ll show you the way I jazz.

The process is extremely simple and uses SEMRush. (7-day free trial)

All you have got to try and do is:

  1. Find any authority site in your niche. (For the sake of example in online marketing, i will be able to use my very own site)
  2. Type that site on the search bar in SEMRush
  3. Scroll to “Top Organic Keywords” and click on on “See Full Report”
  4. On that report, sort by CPC.
  5. Voilá, you have got an inventory of potential keywords that you just can now use.
  6. Rinse and repeat with other sites that you simply admire.

Once you are doing this process with 3-5 sites, you’ll have a decent set of keywords that you simply can target. (By the way, you’ll hire someone on Fiverr or Freeeup [my favorite] to write down quality articles for you so you don’t need to actually spend time doing it.)

#4 Bonus: Find more high paying keyword using Search Console

Did you recognize that Google already provides you with the keywords that you just rank for?

What if you’ll optimize your existing blog posts to focus on even better keywords?

Instead of spending heaps of hours writing an intensive post, you may use update an old one and pick juicier keywords.

Here’s how;

  1. Install the Keywords Everywhere Chrome Extension
  2. Head to the Search Analytics under the Google Webmasters Tools
  3. Choose your website
  4. Be sure to test the Clicks, Impressions, CTR and Position boxes at the highestgoogle webmaster setting
  5. Filter by any specific page that you simply want keywords to indicate for: i.e.
  6. Since you installed the Keywords Everywhere tool you’ll see an extra 3 columns on your list, namely: Monthly Volume, CPC and Competition
  7. Unfortunately you can’t sort by CPC so you’ll should copy all the info into a spreadsheet and type it there. I suggest you hit the Show 500 rows at the underside of Webmaster tools.
  8. I made a Google sheet for you that you just can copy (File > Make a duplicate..) to sort all of your keywords.
  9. Copy and paste all of your keywords, so hit the arrow on the column of CPC and type from Z->A
  10. Voila, you’ll see all the keywords that your blog post ranks for, all ranked from highest CPC to lowest CPC.
keywords serialized in excel

As you’ll be able to see this last trick will yield keywords that may not be applicable to your blog post. In my case, the “mesothelioma lawyer directory” doesn’t apply to the current specific post so I will be able to just ignore it.

How Can we Make $100 a day with Google AdSense?

I don’t understand you, but 100 bucks every day on ads appear like a decent passive income to me ($3k/mo).

Let’s run some calculations to determine what it’d fancy making $100/day on Adsense.

First, some assumptions.

  • You are targeting US readers (as we saw earlier, US ads pay the foremost on average)
  • Your CTR (click-through rate) is 1% (i.e. 1% of visitors click on ads)
  • Your CPC is $0.50 (your niche is Good but your site is Just getting started)
  • Your RPM (revenue per 1000 impressions) is $2

With these numbers, we will now calculate what number of visitors we’d like to earn our target amount.

The formula is = Visitors * CTR * CPC + Visitors/1000 * RPM

So with 15,000 visitors per day, we obtain around $100/day on Adsense.

(15,000 * 1% * $0.6 + 15,000/1000*$2 = $120/day)

But how does one obtain 15,000 page views per day? Is that reasonable?

Yes, it’s reasonable. To do that, you’ll either

produce 15 articles that get 1000 page views (very hard)
produce 150 articles that get 100 page views (much easier)


Hope this article will help to find the list of high-paying cost-per-click keywords/niches.

If you enjoyed this post, please leave a comment and share this text with your friends.

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