Hachishakusama historia – Japanese Urban Legend

Hachishakusama historia: an urban legend in Japan who is believed to stalk young children and kill them. Hachi-shaku-sama means 8ft tall. She is an 8ft tall woman, black hair with a white hat, and a white dress. She has a deep, masculine voice that continuously repeats ‘Po Po Po’.

Amy’s grandparents lived in a small village in Japan. Every summer her parents would take her on holiday to visit them. The last time Amy visited her grandparents was when she was 8 years old. The grandparents were inside the house and, Amy was playing by herself in the backyard. She heard a strange sound ‘PO PO PO…’. Amy started to look around where the voice was coming from. That’s when she noticed the tall hedges of the backyard. There was a white hat standing behind it. She figured this is where the sound was coming from. The hat moved forward and stopped between a small gap between the hedges.

Amy saw a woman standing between the gap of hedges. It surprised her how tall the lady was and, started to think if she was wearing any high heels. Then, a split second later she disappeared and the voice faded with her. Confused, she ran towards the house where her grandparents were drinking tea. She sat down and told them what she has seen. They weren’t paying attention to her until she mentioned that weird sound ‘PO PO PO..’. Amy’s grandma covered her mouth and was in shock while her grandfather became serious and started asking her a series of questions. ‘How tall was she?’, ‘Where was she standing?’, ‘When did this happen? What did you do?’, Did she see you?’. Amy tried to answer all of his questions as fast as she could. Her grandfather then made a call to someone and left the house.

Amy scared asked, ‘Grandma what is going on?’. ‘There’s something dangerous abducting children in this area.’ Grandma replied. It is called Hachishakusama. She takes the appearance of a tall woman and makes the sound ‘PO PO PO..’. A long time ago, she was captured by monks and they manage to seal her in a confined building which was further protected with four jizo statues to the north, south, east, and west so that she could not escape. But somehow it did. The last time she was seen was 15 years ago and anyone who saw it was destined to die within a few days. Just then Amy\’s grandpa returned with a woman named ‘Kasan’. They took her to her bedroom and covered all the windows with newspaper. Kasan placed a small bowl of salt in four corners of the room and a small buddha statue in the center.

Kasan instructed Amy that she must stay in the room till 7.30 in the morning. Do not open the door for any reason. Not even to use the restroom. Amy’s grandparents and Kesan left the room and she locked the door after them. She turned on the TV to take her mind off all this and eventually fell off to sleep. She got awake by a tapping sound on the window. Then she heard her grandpa’s voice ‘Are you okay in there? If you are scared I can come in and give you company’. Hearing his voice was such a relief for Amy that she rushed towards the door to let him in. That’s when she noticed that all the bowls of salt placed in the room turned black. Then she heard the sound again ‘PO PO PO’. The tapping on the window continued, she kneeled in front of buddha and began praying.

She checked her watch, it was 7.30 a.m. She carefully opened the door and went running towards her grandparents. They packed her bag and went straight to the airport. They informed her to never put a foot in Japan, this is the only way she can stay alive. Amy somehow managed to trick and get past her death only if she never return to JAPAN ever again.

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