Sunday, October 17, 2021
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The First Book Known to be Written About a Stock Exchange

The first book to be written about a stock exchange went on sale at Sotheby’s Rare Books and Manuscripts online auction on 4-12-2018 , carrying an estimate of $ 2,00,000 to $ 3,00,000. Written by Joseph Penso de la Vega in 1688, the Confusion of Confusions is a primer for the Amsterdam stock exchange, which was set up by the Dutch East India company in 1602.

First Person To Cross Antarctica Alone and Unaided

Colin O’ Brady, a 33-year old American adventurer, became the first person to cross Antarctica alone and unaided on December 26, 2018. Every person who attempted to trek across the Southern continent before O’ Brady either gave up or died. O’ Brady however, reached his finish line in only 54 days, completing a 932- mile journey well ahead of his 70-day goal.

Since he did not get resupplied at any point, O’ Brady had to carry all of his gear and food on a 400-pound sled as he skied. Most of the sled’s weight came from the adventurer’s food; he needed to consume about 7000 calories per day during the trek. His meals consisted of oatmeal, freeze-dried dinners like chilli, and special energy bars.

Colin O’ Brady

The First Mammal To Become Extinct Due to Climate Change

The Australian Government declared a rodent indigenous to the Great Barrier Reef Extinct. Experts believe it is the first mammal to die out due to the climate change. For thousands of years, generations of Melomys Rubicola lived and bred on a sandy bank in the Torres Strait known as Bramble Cay. Sometimes between 2009 and 2014, the last of this species died.Probably drowned in Strom surge. The World Wildlife Fund says the impact of climate change is threatening 3000 wild animals listed as endangered species.

Melomys Rubicola

The World’s Largest ‘Virtual Battery Plant’

Abu Dhabi is now home to the world’s largest ‘virtual battery plant’. The 108 MW/ 648 MWh sodium-sulphur battery plant opened in January 2019 and is about five times the size of the Tesla Battery System installed in Hornsdale, Australia in 2017. Sodium-Sulphur batteries can perform better in higher temperatures ( as high as 300°C ) making them a lot more robust and summer-ready. The size of the UAE’s new battery system is so large that it could provide upto 6 hours of back-up power in case Abu Dhabi’s electricity grid goes down. For such longer duration storage, sodium-sulphur batteries become cheaper than lithium-ion batteries.

Virtual Battery Plant At Abu Dhabi

The Tallest Cupcake Tower

In January after 42 hours of non stop baking and icing, a team in India set a Guinness World Record for constructing the tallest Cupcake Tower at 41 feet, 8 inches high. The tower had 18,818 cupcakes, and all the cake batter was mixed using 8 mixtures.

Tallest Cupcake Tower

The Fastest Train in India

The engine-less Train 18, formally called the Vande Bharat Express, was flagged off by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on February 15. Built at an estimated cost of ₹ 100 crore, Train 18 ( so named to highlight the year of its manufacture-2018 ). It is a self-propelled, semi-high speed train that has been manufactured at the Integral Coach Factory in Chennai under the Make in India Scheme. It is the most advanced and fastest train on Indian tracks with speeds upto 180 kmph.

Vande Bharat Express

The World’s Oldest-Known Living Animal

A 187-year-old tortoise named Jonathan became the world’s oldest-known living animal on the land. Guinness World Records announced in February 2019 that Jonathan turned 187 years old in 2019, which makes him the world’s oldest-known land animal alive. He was born around 1832 and has lived through both the World Wars, the completion of the Eiffel Tower, and the first powered flight, according to Guinness World Records

Jonathan, the Tortoise

World’s Largest E-waste Recycling Hub

The world’s largest E-waste recycling facility opened in Dubai in March 2019. Located at the Dubai Industrial Park, the 2,80,000 square feet plant will process Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipments (WEEE), IT Asset Disposition (ITAD), refrigerant gas and specialised waste.

It has a processing of 1,00,000 tonnes of integrated waste per year, of which 39,000 tonnes is E-waste. The facility can process the entire range of WEEE from consumer and industrial to commercial and military. The 120 million dirhams ( $ million) project is backed up by the Swiss Government Export Finance Agency

E-waste Recycling Hub in Dubai



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