Ever wondered how to write an article or blog? Or what’s the difference between an article and blog. In the internet era, content is everything; without content, you cannot convey your messages to your customers.  Some of us don’t know the exact difference between an article and a blog.

So, let’s get to know more about these two,


You may or may not believe it, but articles and blogs have significant differences. In simpler words, articles are sophisticated, and it is the formal way of writing for a particular topic in a sophisticated manner. Sometimes, people call blog posts articles.

However, articles are primarily written in long format, from 500 to 1000. It has researched information, and an interview there is considered self-explanatory also, which is there to spread the news or debate the topics.   

Articles are written in a sophisticated tone and are specified to a specific audience group as documented in a detailed form. Moreover, the articles don’t include any writer’s opinion as it has to be addressed publically. So, to put it concisely, it depends on the audience and the topic. Some articles are thoroughly edited and updated by avoiding any errors.


Generating content isn’t that easy as expected.  The most prominent part of blogs is opinionated, and the word range between 300 to 1000 words. These are minimal information and precise information. These blogs can usually be easy to read and enjoyable with including humour or researchers anything. The blogs are freely used for random images to help understand the topic quickly, and the writers have the freedom to use videos or visual representation.

Here SEO matters a lot; building SEO keywords to rank higher in Google search results is the main result. The blogs are mainly for brand promoting and advertising for a broad audience. The blog can be changed according to the trending topics and trending SEO keywords.

These are some of the fundamental differences between article and blog. So let’s get to how to write these two.

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How to write an article?

Step 1: Choosing the topic is one of the most critical steps.

As a result, look into the specific aspect such as DIY’s and how-to and all. If you have small or large businesses, try to be passionate and add the content which supports your business.

Step 2: Get a perfect sense of the audience of your article

To write your article, you need to know your audience and how to communicate with them. Personalize your article as per your audience and appeal it to them and get your reader’s attention until the very end of your article.

Step 3: Get your fact and research straight 

To write an article, you need to do a lot of research that will help you get your article in order. Once you get your audience straight, you need to do a lot of research for your article and dig information that pertains to your article and get to know whether it is a piece of credible information or not.

Step 4: Make a rough draft and write the article 

First, get the list of your main point that you need to put across your article, don’t worry about the length; this is just the first or second draft. To make the article more readable, try not to make it monotonous, use short paragraphs and bullet points and if possible, try using exciting facts to keep readers’ interest.     

Try to explain the topics in detail without skipping any steps. When required, add examples so that people from all walks of life understand what you are expressing.  Try to keep it simple. Don’t overdo any explanation or going off of the topic.

Step 5: Write an article in a friendly way and write your final draft

A writer will always be gentle and assertive while writing an article. No readers like to read anything spoken down to. The audience wants to believe what you’re talking about the whole way. So be careful and go through what you have written is accurate.

Read, revise and repeat your article out loud and become a proofreader by having a short break from your work. Once you are satisfied, and then submit your piece to your editor. 

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How to write a blog?

Blogs have become a trend of the decade. As you are on this page, then you mainly know how important is writing a blog. So let’s get to know what the steps to follow are:

Your idea on the blog post topic

It would be best to look into blog topics that are trending currently and which suits your business. You can find the trending keywords so that your brand will have good Google search results.

Once that’s done, you need to find the topics you would like to write in the blog and get the keywords and phrases associated with these pages. Find your niche for your blog.

Drafting your blog post

Well, this is your time to shine; create your blog in a way that offers real value to the reader’s experience. If your content isn’t up to the mark, the reader won’t return to your blog anymore.  Try to keep your blog easy and quick read, post punchy subheading that attracts your audience. Try to use bullet points instead of long paragraphs with SEO in mind.

People often struggle with introductions, so with more practice, you will start writing it efficiently. Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts for writing introductions. When you start writing your first blog post, it might take a lot of time, but with practice regularly, you can knock it out in a short time.

If you’re relying on facts and information from a third party, then choose authoritative and research websites. Keep checking your facts; you might have made few errors even though it looks like the truth.

Images, images and Images

Everyone is captivated by the images, and it is indispensable that images go well with the blog post. This will help you to break up your paragraphs. The photos will make the complex topics comprehend easily for readers.

Editing part

This is one of the vital parts where you get to know how your article or blog sounds like when you read it.

  • Try to avoid repetition,
  • Fix the grammatical errors.  
  • Structuring your sentences
  • Try not to make its way to a long blog post
  • Pack your blog post with eye-catching headlines
  • Keep your paragraph short
  • Don’t be afraid to make cuts on your content even if you have spent hours writing it.

Once the final editing is done, give this article to your friend who has fresh eyes on this topic. Once he/she gives a green signal, send this to your editor.

Writing an article and blog is not easy as it seems; it needs creative ideas, hard, intelligent and credible work. Nonetheless, in time you will become a pro and enjoy your work immensely.  

Now don’t waste time; grab a laptop or pen and start writing your article or blog. 🙂


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