Maintenance of the car Against to the monsoon.

By | May 15, 2022

Car maintenance tips: The monsoons undoubtedly make everything adorable and one will love to go long drives in such wonderful weather. But this season is the worst for your car. The car parts get rusted and corroded due to air moisture and the rain as well damages the paint. Besides this, the traffic due to waterlogging will further affect the engine. Your car needs special care in these months of the year for it to run well and for a longer time. five add on for car insurance which help to give you the protection financial losses.

Add-on to be kept in mind while using buying car insurance

You have the liberty to choose and pick the ‘Add on’ that entices you the most. So, let’s not keep you waiting. Here is the list of ‘Add on’ covers that you can choose with your car insurance policy. Go ahead, take your pick.

Add-on NamesOverview
Deprecation cover / Zero Dep / Nil Dep allows you to nullify the depreciation charged on your car and its parts and gives you the full value of repairs, costs and replacements during a claim.
Engine and Gear-box Protection Coverwith this add-on you can specifically also cover for the engine and gearbox
Consumable CoverIt covers the cost for all your car\’s nitty-gritties, such as the engine oils, screws, nuts and bolts, grease, etc in a situation of an accident.
Return to Invoice CoverThis add-on gives you the benefit of getting back the complete amount of your car\’s invoice value, including the cost of registering a new vehicle and its road tax respectively.
Road side assistance Assistance / RSAgives you the benefit of taking help whenever required, suppose assistance during car breakdowns at any time you\’d like. The best part? It doesn\’t even count as a claim!
Add on for motor insurance

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Car Maintenance guide:

Don\’ts and do\’s to keep in mind

The car can be affected quite badly when being driven around in the heavy rain. Some things which should be had in mind to ensure your safety and for the best performance of the car are:

Car Maintenance guide:

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Following are Few tips to be kept in mind while driving your car in rain:

  • Avoid Rusting: The underside of the car comes in contact with water than other parts and this can cause rusting. As this part is not visible, it can be ignored easily and gets rusted and corroded. There are anti-corrosion treatments available which can protect this part of the car.
  • Wipers & Brakes: Before the monsoons arrive, check the wiper blades and change in case of wear out. The stopping power of the brakes gets affected due to excessive water. The car should not be left for long in water as that can spoil the brakes.
  • Car Paint: The rainwater have components which are acidic and this spoils the paint of the car. A protective coat should be done to protect the paint in the monsoons. It also provides protection from road salt, bird dropping, and heat. This makes it simpler to clean the car and the paint stays for longer.

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