‘Black’ water is the secret of Virat Kohli’s fitness, the price of one liter will blow your senses


New Delhi: Team India captain Virat Kohli is undoubtedly one of the fittest cricketers in the world. Kohli works out regularly and has also made many changes in his diet. Let us tell you that these changes are not limited to food only. Rather, the water that Kohli drinks is also far beyond the reach of the common man.

Kohli drinks ‘black water’

According to the reports of our partner website DNA, Kohli drinks ‘black water’, which costs around Rs 3000-4000 per litre. This water contains natural-black alkaline, which helps you stay hydrated. ‘Black water’ is high in pH. The whole world knows that the batsman who steals runs faster than Kohli on the field is probably not present, but no one would know that during long batting, Kohli stays hydrated by drinking black water.

More celebrities drink this water

Apart from Virat Kohli, Urvashi Rautela and other celebrities turned to ‘black water’ during the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown to improve their immunity and stay fit. It is believed that this water also improves the glow of the skin. Apart from this, it controls weight and also helps in reducing depression.

Everyone knows that Kohli always tries to do the best in his life and whatever he chooses in his life is a proof of that. This is the reason why Kohli likes to consume such water.

Kohli’s fitness is discussed everywhere

Virat Kohli has reached a different level of fitness and now he is discussed all over the world. Every player not only wants to be a cricketer like Kohli but also keeps on attaining fitness like him. In Team India also, the selection of a player is done only after realizing his complete fitness.


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