Everything you need to know about the Best Mobile Applications for Seniors

Best mobile application for Seniors: Have you ever wondered whether there are any specific mobile phone applications that can aid the Senior citizens in their everyday life?

While we often see adults and nowadays even kids, being hooked to the screens of their mobile phones, the usage of mobiles is also rising among the senior section of the society in India.

A smartphone is likely the best technological tool a senior citizen can own, compared to any other electronic gadget in the market, right now.

Due to the rise in demand of Mobile phones among the seniors, the demand of applications catering to the seniors are also increasing.

App developers are often releasing new apps targeted towards the senior citizens, due to their rising demands.

In this article we will be talking about 10 of the best applications for the senior citizens of India.

So, let’s get started…


With the increasing age, the demands tend to change. The Youth section of the society and the Seniors don’t share the exact same demands or have the same choices. Due to the various requirements that need to be fulfilled in a day-to-day life, Seniors require something which serves their purpose, and in this modern technological era, Mobile apps seem to serve their requirements properly.


The most popular kind of apps that are made, solely keeping in mind the requirements of the senior citizens include,

  • Apps that are made to read news from various sources.
  • Apps dealing with exercising and fitness.
  • Apps that help them stay organized and keep a schedule of everything.
  • Apps that help them stay in touch with their family members.
  • Medicine and other emergency goods ordering apps.
  • Flashlight/Torchlight apps.

Let us now dive into the depths of this topic Best Mobile Applications for Seniors”.

When it comes to choosing the best applications for seniors, the choices aren’t much, but we have come up with a list of 10 such apps specifically made keeping in mind the requirements of the Senior Citizens of India.


  • Blood Pressure Monitor (for Android and iOS)

It is an ideal app for the senior citizens as it helps them keep a constant track of their blood pressure levels and monitor them as and when required.

This app also helps to track weight and other vital parameters, which can be easily shared with the doctors.

  • Netmeds (for Android and iOS)

When it comes to keeping a track of medicines and ordering them online, this is probably the best app for the senior citizens.

It is very simple to understand and use, all one has to do is upload their prescription to place an order.

All the medicines sold at Netmeds are approved and prescribed by leading doctors.

  • Empowerji (for Android and iOS)

This app is particularly designed for the senior citizens of India.

It pledges to help the seniors learn how to use technology and understand it to become a tech-savvy.

  • Magnifying Glass + Flashlight (for Android and iOS)

This is a very simple and easy to use app that let’s seniors read a very small text like on a prescription bottle or on a menu card.

The Flashlight helps the senior citizens find objects in the dark, which they usually cannot due to their decreased vision.

This app also enlarges the text or image via digital zoom and makes the text much more readable by enabling the torchlight feature.

  • Dozee (for Android and iOS)

This isn’t just an ordinary app, rather it’s a mini device that can be used to monitor the sleeping patterns of the elderly people.

This small device connects to an app which in turn keeps a track of their sleep vitals to improve the overall health.

The combination of the Dozee app and the Dozee device is very beneficial to the health off the senior citizens.

  • Google Fit (for Android and iOS)

This is one of the most useful fitness tracking and health improving apps ever developed.

It was designed, keeping in mind the WHO (World Health Organization) guidelines, for the senior citizens to lead a prosperous, healthy, and fit life.

It helps the Senior Citizens keep a track of their daily exercises like jogging, walking, stretching, swimming, and other workouts.

It also has a to-do list to set the daily goals and stay motivated.

  • Medisafe (for Android and iOS)

Medisafe is undoubtedly one of the best applications for the elderly people suffering from dementia.

In this app the seniors can set reminders, and it will automatically alert them to take their meds and pills on time.

It also comes with a unique feature wherein it pings the Doctors or caretakers of the senior citizens, if they ever miss a medication.

  • Lumosity (for Android and iOS)

This app is a huge favorite amongst the elderly mass as it serves a two-fold purpose.

Firstly, it reduces chances of diseases like Alzheimer’s and Dementia by providing games, quizzes to sharpen the memory.

Secondly, it is a great way have fun and pass time and also a great boost to the mentality.

  • Personal Capital (for Android and iOS)

This application just stands out from the rest when it comes to retirement planning.

It is used to assess the current retirement situations of the elderly and decide whether changes are to be made in the long-term plans.

If planning for a life after retirement seems daunting, check this app out for its straightforward visuals and to the point projections.

  • LastPass (for Android and iOS)

Its difficult to keep several passwords in mind for various different apps and websites, but keeping the same simple password for all these apps makes the user vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

In such a situation LastPass comes to the rescue.

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It stores all the passwords in one place in a secured manner and hence, is of great benefit to the seniors, who usually have much greater difficulty in keeping in mind all the passwords.

It is also used to auto-fill passwords, and create strong passwords for the senior citizens.

~Hopefully, this list of apps pertaining mainly to the Senior Citizens of India, will be useful to everyone who comes across this article and can help their grandparents or parents or any such elderly people, whom they know, to download these apps.

Help them lead a much better life ahead, staying healthy and fit.

Not worrying about financial planning or getting their prescriptions mixed up or forgetting to take their meds on time.

Or even letting certain diseases take a toll on their lives.~

So, to summarize the entire article on the Best Mobile Apps for Seniors, I would just love to add that let them too embrace technology without being afraid of it.

We are living in a digital era where these apps have become necessary amenities of life and the seniors should not be far behind.

These apps will only make their lives easier in every perspective and sort out their problems, be it financial or health related, but may  also  give them an edge ahead of the rest of us, you never know!…

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