Best 6 SKINCARE ITEMS TO EYE ON THIS SUMMER: Summers can be harsh on the skin, the hot climate elevates the loss of water from the body, contributing to dehydration. This can easily show up on your skin, in the form of redness, irritation, dry flaky skin etc. The hot weather also produces more sweat and oil from the glands. So here is a list of 6 must have products, to keep your skin hydrated and escape the wrath of the harsh summer heat.

Have a Look at the a list of all the summer skincare essentials.

1. Face wash:

The amount of oil produced during the summers, on your skin, can lead to clogged pores, causing breakouts. A good facewash, suitable for your skin type is a must to remove all of that gunk. If you belong from an oily skin type, I’d recommend you to go for good foaming face washes, as they help in removing all the excessive oil and sebum from the skin. But if you are from the dry skin type, go for the gel face washes, as the foaming ones can further dry out your skin. Few of my recommendations would be:

Simple refreshing facial wash, and ideal wash for summers, with a light texture and consistency, perfect for all the skin types out there. An added bonus to this one is that its cruelty free and free of harmful chemicals.

The face shop rice water bright foaming face wash is another gem of a product, along with the deep cleansing properties, it also adds a beautiful glow to your skin and helps in brightening of the skin.

2. Gel moisturizer:

I cannot stress enough, on the importance of a good moisturizer. It not just keeps your skin hydrated, but also prevents your skin from ageing prematurely. There’s a common myth, among the population that oily skin types do not require moisturization, which is completely wrong. All skin types require moisturizer, whether oily or dry. Oily skin types produce even more oil, if not kept moisturized. A light gel moisturizer would be perfect for the summer season. My personal favorites would be:

Clinique moisture surge, a perfect gel moisturizer for all the skin types. It provides up to 72 hours of moisture to your skin and prevents the loss of water from it. A little bit pricey, but worth all of your money. It has such a nice, gel texture and absorbs like a dream into your skin, without making it feel greasy. Trust me, you won’t regret buying this.

Neutrogena hydro boost water gel moisturizer is another great moisturizer, perfect for the scorching summers. It is very close in consistency to the Clinique one, but much cheaper than that. And performs almost similar to it. Ideal for all the skin types.

3. Sunscreen:

Tired of hearing this, right? The importance of a good sunscreen is always neglected, but the effects it can produce on your skin, over a long term is undeniable. The UV rays are pretty harmful for the skin and exposure to them can cause pre-mature ageing of the skin. Long term exposure to UV rays has also been proven to cause breakouts and acne. With that being said, a sunscreen with a good amount of SFP protects and also heals your skin from the sun damage. So here are two of my OG sunscreens, that I’d like to recommend:

Neutrogena ultra-sheer dry touch sunblock, comes with an SPF of 50+. This one is suitable for all the oily and combination skin types out there. Doesn’t leave any white cast, absorbs into the skin quick and doesn’t make you feel oily.

Cetaphil Sun SPF 50 very high protection light gel. This is specially recommended for people with sensitive skin types, prone to breakouts. It has a gel formula, with a light texture, suitable for almost all the skin types. Gets absorbed into the skin like magic.

Tip: Reapply your sunscreen, every 3 hours.

4. Facial sprays:

This might seem like a gimmick at first, but trust me, once you start using them, you’ll never go back. Facial sprays are easy to use, on the go, and provide a good level of instant hydration to your skin. You can carry them anywhere and everywhere you go, and dunk into the goodness of them. You can also use these over your makeup, to get a boost of instant freshness. Some of my recommendations would be:


Mario Badescu facial sprays. These are available in different flavors; you can choose according to your preferences. They have a fine mist and instantly refresh you with all the fresh ingredients.

Another one of my all-time favorite facial mist is the Innisfree green tea facial mist, delivers the goodness of green tea to your skin, in the form a fine mist. An absolute must have!

5. Anti-oxidant serum:

The free radicals produced in the skin, post sun exposure can be harmful for your skin. So, including a good antioxidant serum in your skincare regime, can help combat these free radicals. Any good, vitamin A (retinol) serum or vitamin C serum, would do the job. Some of the good ones available in the market and online shopping platform like amazon and flipkart are:

Klairs freshly juiced vitamin C drop serum, is a wonderful serum, from Korean skin care. It not only is a good anti-oxidant but also helps in brightening your skin and keeps it healthy. Ideal for sensitive skin types.

Murad retinol your renewal serum, is a good choice if you have an extended budget, works wonders on yours skin, prevents the signs of ageing, minimizes the appearance of fine lines, when used for an extended period of time. Also contains hyaluronic acid, to prevent drying of the skin.

6. Clay mask:

And the last one on this list, has to be a clay mask. Owing to all that dirt and oil produced in the summers especially, leading to clogged and congested skin, a clay mask is a must have. These masks, help in clearing out the pores and give a much-required deep cleanse to your skin. It is advisable to use a clay mask, twice a week, to obtain good results. My recommendation would be:

Innisfree volcanic clay mask 2X, one of the best clay masks, out there. It has smooth texture, spreads out evenly on your skin and removes all the gunk. It could be a little drying for the dry skin types, but a good moisturizer, post it, would do the trick.

L’Oréal pure clay mask, is another one of my favorites. Comes in a small tub, and has a great texture to it, spreads evenly on the skin and gives you such a nice glow, post application. Ideal for almost all the skin types.

So, this was a list of all the summer skincare essentials, that you must own to keep your skin, fresh and hydrated this summer.  

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