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Hachishakusama – Japanese Urban Legend

Hachishakusama is a urban legend in Japan who is believed to stalk young children and kill them. Hachi-shaku-sama means 8ft tall. She is a 8ft tall women, black hair with a white hat and white dress. She has a deep, masculine voice which continuously repeats \’Po Po Po\’. Amy\’s grandparents lived in a small village […]Read More


The Time Slip – Is It Real?

In all our life , we have always been taught that time is a line which is always suppose to move forward and never go back. What if we are wrong? What if we can actually move backward in time? Just because science hasn\’t found a way to make time travel possible, doesn\’t mean nature […]Read More


The Elevator Game – Elisa Lam

Elisa Lam the name that caught attention of almost all the news channels, YouTube channels , people of Los Angeles and slowly all around the world in 2013. Hotel Cecil is a well known hotel in Downtown L.A where a body was found in the water tank of the hotel on Feb 19, 2013. The […]Read More

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Indian Diet Plan For Healthy Weight Loss

Weight Loss tips: Weight loss is one of the most popular mantra for people in 21st Century. Almost 80% of Indian population is dealing with weight issues, problems like anxiety, loss of confidence, eating disorder are one of the impact of weight gain. So, here is a Indian diet plan for a healthy weight loss. […]Read More

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India is a land of cultures, heritage and its rich traditions ,and one such place that has blossomed with tradition and history is Jaipur. Also known as The Pink City. The city was painted pink to welcome Queen Victoria\’s husband Prince Albert in 1876. Now if you are visiting Jaipur for the first time , […]Read More