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Nintendo Switch Online Is Adding Wave Race 64 This Week

Nintendo is bringing another N64 classic to the Switch this week. The watercraft racing game Wave Race 64 will join the Nintendo Switch Online plus Expansion Pack service on Aug. 19. Originally released in 1996, Wave Race 64 challenges players to jet ski through nine picturesque courses with different weather effects. Lauded at the time […]Read More


Ingredients To Look For + Best Products

Now, gel’s main gig is to provide hold, which is why many traditional options do include alcohols to help the formula dry down quickly—but that’s how gel earned its reputation for being stiff. “Definitely avoid [alcohols] because that’s what dries the hair,” celebrity hairstylist Camille Friend, founder of Hair Scholars, tells mbg, especially if your […]Read More


Planning to use your startup equity as collateral? Good luck

Max Brenner is part of the founding team at Compound, which specializes in helping tech founders and employees manage their financial lives. It’s the classic startup employee dream. You’ve worked hard for years, finally built your company equity into something big and now you’re finally ready for a payout. Financial institutions struggle to evaluate startup […]Read More


Glorious movie review & film summary (2022)

The back and forth between these two characters, and between reality and fantasy, comprise the majority of director Rebakah McKendry’s darkly comic horror film. But even at a brisk 79 minutes (including credits), “Glorious” feels like an intriguing idea that’s been stretched thin to feature length. The weird and witty script from McKendry’s husband, David […]Read More