Thursday, October 28, 2021
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AdventureAn unexpected visit to Thailand

An unexpected visit to Thailand

It was one of those days when you feel low and lost in your life. But an idea which suddenly pops in your mind and you feel pushed towards completing it. And when you actually do it, it feels like the best thing you ever did. Early 2019 was a tough time for me. Mentally and emotionally I was going through a phase and it was pretty hard to stay stable. One day when my friends visited me in Pune and said they will be leaving for Thailand for work purpose I got an idea. Since, my friends were husband wife, the wife was going to stay home. I decided I will go to Thailand and shift a phase in my life.

The husband and wife had already booked their tickets and I booked mine after them. I was going to leave 1 week after they reach Pattaya. I was scared, worried on how I am going to go alone to a whole different country. People don’t talk English much, how will I communicate. Where will I get my Visa on arrival. Negative thoughts started building my mind. I tried to snap out of it and assured myself I have to go because tickets are now booked ;). I left for airport, it was a connecting flight via Chennai.

We had landed in Bangkok. Pattaya was a 2 hours journey from airport. I was not able to find where to get the visa. Thankfully a uncle helped me. I got my visa, talked to a cab driver outside airport and proceeded towards Pattaya. He charged 1000 baht. It was so different, the weather, the roads, the people. I felt steady after a long time. I reached Pattaya 5 in the morning, checked into the same hotel as my friend’s and had some rest.

Next morning, the view was different the people were different. I felt proud that finally I got over my fear and came to a unknown country. Me and my friend went for a swim, had breakfast and just chilled for sometime. We decided to visit underwater world. This place looks so small from outside and from inside it is so huge and you will feel lost in it. This place is a must visit. You will find all different species of underwater.

Underwater World

Later, we had a visit to Khao Chi Chan which is one of the most beautiful places I have seen. Khao Chi Chan is a limestone Buddha mountain. It has a laser engraving of golden Buddha making it a must visit place. There are beautiful beaches to explore like Jomtien beach, Pattaya beach. Next to Pattaya beach is the place for which Thailand is well known. The Walking Street.


Walking Street is a 1km street with amazing bars, clubs, strip houses, restaurants and what not. You can publicly have a drink and smoke while you get mesmerized by the street. The place is drenched in neon lights, this place also lets you enjoy impressive performances by talented roadside artists. We stayed here till 2am and returned.

Next Day was a lazy day, seems I over enjoyed on first day. So, we started this day slowly and went out to explore amazing street food of Pattaya. Chicken Rice with Omelet, Fried Prawns, Roasted Duck, Crabs, Fish, and so much more. This place is definitely not for vegetarians. But there are lots of Indian restaurant as well. On the coming days I visited places like Art in Paradise, Pattaya Floating Market, Coral Island etc.

It was now time to leave and remember all the magical moment I had in Thailand. But the most important thing I felt that I was no more in the phase of mind that I was in. Travelling has always been a important part in my life. It helps me to deal with the ups and downs of the life. That’s why its said ‘When in doubt – Travel’.


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