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Happy 74th Republic Day 2023 | Republic Day Wishes

As we all know that we are celebrating the 74th Republic Day Tomorrow (Thursday 26th January 2023). There will be celebrations all over the nation. In the article, we will give you a number of various Selections and choices for Happy Republic Day wishes.Here select how are you going to wish and which wishes will …

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Best 10 natural skincare products to try this year 2023

1. Avalon Organics Intense Défense Lip Balm:- Skincare Product: I’m a firm believer that everyone should be using a lip balm with natural and/or organic ingredients. I mean, you put that in your mouth multiple times a day, so it’s bound to get into your body somehow, right?? Luckily, this clean lip balm is from …

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Plastic Pollution: According to Nas Daily, 300 million tons of plastics are produced every year. 50% of that is for single use as is the case with bottles. Plastics have become one of the worst pollutant problems in the world. The plastic waste fills garbage dumps, slums, city streets, beaches, rivers, our forest, and increasingly …



Hachishakusama historia – Japanese Urban Legend

Hachishakusama historia: an urban legend in Japan who is believed to stalk young children and kill them. Hachi-shaku-sama means 8ft tall. She is an 8ft tall woman, black hair with a white hat, and a white dress. She has a deep, masculine voice that continuously repeats ‘Po Po Po’. Amy’s grandparents lived in a small …

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Depression | Symptoms for depression

DEPRESSION: The WHO report titled’ Depression and Other common mental health Disorders-Global Health Estimates’ states that over 78% of global suicides were in low-and middle-income families. Over 300 million people worldwide are suffering from this. Depression and bad mental health had been ignored as serious issues for ages. But do you know depression can also …

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Unknown People and Incidents with Ambiguous Identities

People come and go; however, history never forgets. There are only a few people whose identity has been a mystery yet famous. Even though we live in a technology-ridden world, some unknown people or incidents become popular and escape them the legends around them never get older. Dan Cooper hijacked a Boeing 727 in US …

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artificial intelligence



The inventions of computing machines and the subsequent capability improvement to perform various tasks have grown exponentially. Humans have developed the power of computer systems in terms of their diverse working domains. Their increasing speed, and reducing size with respect to time.

A lost City- Atlantis

When the word A lost city- Atlantis comes into our mind, we think of a whole beautiful lust-green city with beautiful buildings and gold statues. Is it possible that we will ever find it? This is an age-old mystery said by Plato that has captivated audiences for over 2,300 years. He said it was combined …

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